The Unlawful Behavior of Lawyers in the Case of General Pervez Musharaf

By Liaqat Toor
mush“A very ugly incident transpired inside the premises of Pakistan’s Superior Courts when a dirty bunch of lawyers attacked and beat with shoes, the officially deputed guards of the former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf. Most unfortunately however, the court did not take any notice of that attack, although when Ali Musa Gelani had been arrested by ANF from outside the court premises, in the notorious ephedrine case, the ‘honorable’ judges had jumped with shocking speed to claim that the sanctity of the Supreme Court had been violated and they ordered the ANF to produce the accused before them in less than one hour. And of course when that order was obeyed, the accused was granted a bail within minutes.
The most distressingly painful aspect of this episode of dishonor, is that the Commanding Officer of the two soldiers beaten by the lawyers, has so far done nothing to defend the dignity of his troops, nor has the DG Rangers moved, nor has the ISPR reacted to repeated and extremely insulting display of the ugly incident on Geo tv, nor any FIR against the lawyers has been registered in any police station ………… and nor have the ‘honorable’ judges jumped with their previous ‘on the record alacrity’ of coming to the rescue of ‘the oppressed’. The Interior Minister, Secretary Defense, COAS, Defense Minister and the Supreme Commander are all tragically mum on this despicable conduct of the lawyers. And most, most unfortunately, no political leader, prominent social figure or even pseudo intellectual has uttered one word in condemnation of the attackers. This indeed reflects the terrible degree of moral degeneration, that we as a nation have undergone over the years.
I think the DG Rangers should resign in protest if he can do nothing else and if the Interior Minister doesn’t budge, then GHQ should take up the case with the Supreme Commander for exemplary punishment to the lawyers involved and and also to the reticent Chief Justice of the the court where this crime has transpired. The trial of the lawyers must be completed within 72 hours and nothing short of that should be acceptable.
No compromise should be tolerated on this matter of common soldiers’ dignity. No, the honor of our soldiers is not for sale. It’s incumbent upon the Pakistani Nation to demonstrate that we are with the soldiers who defend us against every threat and are there to help us in every crisis, even to the peril of their lives. “

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