If You Want to Defeat MQM Finish 2% Quota Restriction From Karachi

By Hayat Ahmad

“This is all very well, and may be some people can prove that certain individuals ( Godfather) have committed crimes. I am totally against any form of violence against any innocent person, no matter where he/she is from. I am neither in favor nor against MQM as I do not know much about them. However, there are a lot of other criminals and fraudsters and thieves in many other parties. This is still not a justification for any violence by anyone.  Let us leave this point aside for a while.

Everyone keeps looking at the outcome but no one wants to talk about the reasons why MQM was born in the first place and why it is still popular among Mohajirs. Karachi is a large city and has a very large population of educated, civilized and peaceful people. Yet it elects MQM. Why?  The answer is well known by all politicians and most Pakistani public, but they tend to close their eyes and pretend not to know it.

MQM is the only organization that voiced against the draconian law of restricting the progress of Karachites.  This law has been in place for over 50 years now. The law puts a ceiling of 2% on Federal jobs and for university admissions for Karachites. First of all, the population of Karachi represents about 10% of Pakistan, so it should have been at least 10%. Next, why should Karachites be restricted, why not all other urban centers?  By imposing this discriminatory law upon Karachites, the rulers have created a second class citizenship for Mohajirs.

Although I have never lived at Karachi, but I am fully aware of the impact of this law on Mohajirs. This discriminatory law has not only divided Pakistani people, but also has devastated a large section of Mohajir population. They have become beggars in their own country. Most Mohajirs are neither businessmen, nor good for army, nor for any physical labor. Doing office/professional work was their main occupation. Due to denial of higher education and jobs, these people have been devastated, and no wonder this peaceful class of Pakistanis is now turning to crimes. Among my own Karachites relatives, the grandchildren of such personalities as Syed Hamid Ali, ICS (CSP), who was one of the few ICS officer who came to Pakistan from India, are now low level workers. You may have heard of Syed Hamid Ali: he was at one time the Chief Secretary of East Pakistan, and temporarily, the Governor of East Pakistan. He was my uncle. Upon moving to West Pakistan, he became Secretary of Health during Ayub era. I know of similar stories of other Mohajirs relatives whose grandparents had once respectful professional positions in Federal government in Karachi.

During his last term, Nawaz extended this satanic law for another 40 years. That is why, I feel that now Nawaz is back, Karachi will be hell to live in. This legislation is one of the root causes of Karachi violence and for the popularity of MQM. My question is , where are the do-gooder, patriotic, just and pious Pakistanis? Why don’t they condemn this law? Why don’t they agitate against this?  Is this because the injustice is done to others and they are the beneficiaries?  This law is unfair, un-Islamic and morally wrong.

Thanks God that I grew up in Lahore, not Karachi. My family is intertwined with Lahori Punjabis and we are happy about it, and that I did not have to face the same 2% problem.

May God bless Pakistan and all of you, brothers and sisters”.

The writer can be reached at hahmad@telus.net



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