What Do People Of Pakistan Are Expecting From Nawaz Shareef

By Akhtar Malik

971819_345402445589245_658902099_nMian Nawaz Shareef contested the elections on the slogan of making ‘Naya Pakistan’. He also vowed to bring revolution and not mere change ( tabdili nahi inqilab laen ge). He has obtained a comfortable majority in center, 2/3rd majority in Punjab and is able to form coalition government in Baluchistan. After 1997, NS has once again been placed in a position that he can change the destiny of Pakistan within months, if he intends to. He is lucky to have a compliant Army Chief, who has no intentions of derailing the democracy. He has a considerate Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, and will have an opposition leader from PPP who will not be hostile. MQM and JUI-F have already shown their unconditional support for NS. Chairman NAB has been removed from office by the Supreme Court, who was appointed by PPP to serve their own interests. What else is needed then? Only political will, honesty of purpose and courage!!

Given this scenario, I have framed a small questionnaire. If only 50% of these questions are answered in affirmative, the ruling party will be deemed to have passed the onerous test of governing this country. If they fail to deliver, people of Pakistan will be justified in casting their doubts on the genuineness of their heavy mandate.

1. Fighting Corruption. Will the NS government appoint Chairman NAB who is totally independent, impartial and capable of opening cases against the sitting government also?

2. Will the government carry out accountability of PPP’s previous government and their cronies who have plundered the national exchequer and institutions beyond limits?

3. Will the government bring back the wealth looted by Zardari and kept in Swiss bank accounts?

4. Law & Order in Karachi. Will the government implement SC verdicts on Karachi and eliminate the armed wings of political parties, like MQM, ANP, PPP (People’s Aman Committee) and other outfits?

5. Will the government de-politicize police in Karachi in particular and in Pakistan in general and make them capable of apprehending even the persons from ruling elite, if need be?

6. If the PPP government fails to improve law & order in Sindh and Karachi within a specific period of time, will the NS government impose Governor’s Rule there and take stern action?

7. Local Government System. Will the government conduct local government elections within stipulated time as promised?

8. Will the power, both financial and administrative, be devolved to grass root level?

9. Will the unconstitutional practice of allocating development funds to parliamentarians be stopped and instead given to local governments / concerned departments?

10. Will the judicial reforms be made to eliminate delays in deciding criminal cases? Will the justice be served on doorsteps to the victims?

11. Will the meaningful land reforms be implemented to eliminate feudalism?

12. Will tax on agriculture be imposed by the government?

13. Will the big fish and tax evaders brought within tax net? Will the national exchequer be filled without imposing new / crushing taxes on the poor people?

14. Will electricity load shedding be reduced gradually and visibly and ultimately abolished?

15. Will the government stop electricity theft being carried out in Karachi by ‘Kunda Mafia’ and elsewhere?

16. Will Thar Coal Project be revitalized to show meaningful results in stipulated period of time by refusing to budge before pressures of international mafia?

17. Will oil & gas exploration be carried out to make up the deficiency of natural gas?

18. Will the ruling elite bring home their overseas assets and businesses in order to set precedence for other investors (both Pakistanis and foreigner) to follow suit?

19. Will the government break the begging bowl once and for all by generating income from indigenous resources and overseas Pakistanis?

20. Will the government refrain from giving extensions in service to their favorite key personnel like Chief of Army Staff, Chief Justice Supreme Court etc?

21. Will Nawaz Shareef avoid giving lucrative appointments to his family members and close friends in order to discourage the menace of nepotism?

22. Will the government show its resolve on foreign policy matters like drone attacks, Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline, Gawadar Seaport, Kashmir dispute, foreign funding of our sectarian outfits, foreign interference in our domestic affairs, foreign shelters being provided to our wanted terrorists from Karachi, Baluchistan and other parts of the country?

I am sure the people of Pakistan will be anxiously waiting for the answers to these questions which are genuine, unbiased and practicable.

Akhtar Malik




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