By Akhtar Malik

7900_383727198395858_1703794330_nPrime Minister Mr. Nawaz Shareef had stated time and again that the treasury is empty so what should we do. Should we pay off the loan installments or should we get rid of the load shedding?

No doubt money makes the mere go. Nothing can be done without having sufficient money in your kitty. But Nawaz Shareef should understand that people of Pakistan have voted him to power for solving their problems and not to listen to the dismays. People already know that the national exchequer has been looted, state institutions have been plundered and the country is heading towards economic disaster. Now they want that the treasury should be filled, institutions should be made functional / profit-earning and their economic / social problems be solved.

There is nothing to worry about the situation. I have a few suggestions for Nawaz Shareef government to replenish the empty treasury. Obviously this has to be done without squeezing the blood of poor people of this nation which they have already given beyond their capacities. The NS government may immediately undertake following measures:

(1)     Put the names of all the looters and plunderers of the previous government on ECL.

(2)    Ask the FBR to put up list of the tax evaders and initiate punitive action against them under the law for recovery of arrears of taxes along with interest.

(3)    Ask the State Bank to put up list of loan defaulters and those who have got their loans waived off. Issue them legal notices to pay back the loans along with interest within one month, otherwise proceedings will be initiated against them for confiscating their property and businesses in the name of the State.

(4)     Pending appointment of an impartial and honest Chairman NAB, the government should form a high-powered judicial commission and task them to probe into the circumstances which led to massive corruption, irregularities and eventual failure of institutions like PIA, OGDC, Pak Steel, Railways, WAPDA etc. Ask the commission to finalize the proceedings within three months which should be followed by punitive / legal action against the culprits.

(5)    Request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to kindly expedite / finalize the corruption cases pending with them and give their verdict / decisions.

If the a/m suggestions are implemented I can assure NS that the treasury will be recouped within few months, the begging bowl will be broken forever and country will get rid of the exploitation at the hands of institutions like IMF, World Bank permanently. The best part will be that 180- million nation will stand firmly behind Nawaz Shareef, giving him immense moral and political strength. His name will be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan as a ruler, who carried out true accountability of the corrupt- a dream which the people of Pakistan yearn to see materializing and a promise which NS had himself made with the people before elections. We wish you best of luck Nawaz Shareef, just muster the courage and do something marvel for your nation.

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  1. Rizwan Iqbal

    NO MERIT in selection. PIA is in a mess. People from PML-N who are controlling PIA have conflicts of interest and are making decisions. Whereas these decisions need to be taken by the board of directors after MD has been elected, that should be on Merit.

    All PML-N promises have proved to be shameful and miscreant elements are still in action.

    Why Nawaz Shareef is not making employments on merit and why is he failing in sorting out the commercial / financial issues? He is a businessman he should know better how to handle these issues. But he is letting the incompetent people to occupy vital positions and is not employing MD on merit. Should we conclude that he wants an MD who should be from PML-N?

    We seek help of Allah to save Pakistan from such people. This government is same as was of PPP.


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