1000731_740894035925347_323880700_nPESHAWAR: Senator Azam Hoti alleged Monday 28 Oct 2013 that Awami National Party (ANP) leaders Asfandyar Wali Khan and Afrasiab Khattak had a secret agreement with the US. “Approximately $35 million was taken from the US as part of this agreement.”

During a news conference, Hoti said the ANP leaders had disappeared for ten days in the US; however he added that he had no proof for these allegations but said that costly palaces of Asfandyar in Dubai, five star hotels in Malaysia and his big shopping plazas are sufficient proof that how the blood of Pakhtuns was sold out by ANP leaders. “Information about the ANP leaders was given by US residents.”

According to Hoti the agreement was concerned with the Taliban and also involved an Arab country.

Hoti also called Afrasiab Khattak a thief who along with Asfandyar Wali Khan had destroyed the ANP.

Earlier this month, the ANP expelled Azam Khan Hoti from the party on grounds of violating party discipline by demanding the resignation of Asfandyar Wali and Afrasiab Khattak.

ANP leader Senator Zahid Khan in reaction to the press conference said, “There has been a conspiracy against our leadership in every era.”

[When Zardari-led coalition government was installed in Pakistan in 2008 as a follow up action of NRO, all such events were expected. PPP, ANP, MQM and JUI group had a tacit approval from Washington to rule, hence they did according to the stated policy of the US. Whenever a party or a group of parties is brought in to power in Pakistan there is always a specific agenda behind it to be accomplished. With the passage of time more such secrets are expected to be revealed- Akhtar Malik]


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