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Will PML-N Government Meet Demands of PTI for Electoral Reforms

By Akhtar Malik: 14 May 2014


10352404_734904693218620_6670531834815141976_nIK has given a workable charter of demand to govt. It is all democratic and has the support of almost all political parties. Good omen is that IK wants reforms while staying as part of the system. This is a golden opportunity for the Noon govt to take initiative and fulfill these demands.

So far Noon govt has not shown any inclination to take these demands seriously and is seen to while away time. The ministers are still attacking IK and his rallies. Ego and expediencies should not be allowed to create hurdles. Any apathy on the part of Noon govt will give an impression to the people that solution of problems is not possible in a democratic dispensation. This will be

Protest Rallies of Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri on 11 May 2014

By Akhtar Malik : 10 May 2014


imagesA nationwide protest movement against electoral rigging is in the offing. Imran Khan has announced that the protest will not be stopped till its logical outcome- the electoral reforms to ensure fair and free elections- is achieved. Parallel to PTI, another movement is also being launched by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri of PAT, with the aim of revamping the whole corrupt system that has played havoc with the lives and properties of the citizens. Both the leaders have pledged not to support martial law but to install a real democracy that will reflect the aspirations of poor masses and down trodden strata of society. A number of other political parties and religious will also join the protest.

IK has knocked on all the doors to get justice in his cases against election rigging but couldn’t, even after a lapse of one year. The govt of PML-N seems to be ignorant of what all can happen on 11 May and onwards. They had neither taken any action to avert this eventuality nor are they expected to take any now. Only statements like ‘ foreign agenda’, hidden hand’, ‘derailing of democracy’ etc may not help to resolve the issue. Something concrete should have been done to satisfy the aggrieved party.

PAT-Rally-against-Corrupt-electoral-system_2013-04-21_04Over the past one year the situation has been made more complex. As per constitution the election tribunals are bound to decide the cases of alleged rigging within 4 months. As and where an election tribunal gave orders for recounting, the member from Noon went to courts and obtained stay orders. Ayaz Sadiq Speaker NA is dragging his case for 8 months. If PTI went to courts, they ruled that it is the domain of election commission and not the courts. But at the same times courts have been issuing stay orders in the same cases. The point to ponder is- if a system comprising ECP, election tribunals and the Judiciary at various level is unable to dispense justice even within one years, and the sitting govt also feels ‘unable’ to do anything in this situation, then what is the use of this inept and rotten system which needs revamping immediately?

It is not understood as to why the Noon govt has taken this burden of election rigging on themselves? Noon was not the one who had conducted elections. It was the caretaker govt and judiciary who performed this task. Had Noon govt conducted an impartial inquiry in to rigging, there could have been two scenarios:

(1) If Noon thought that allegations leveled by PTI were baseless and Noon got a genuine mandate of the people then Noon should have voluntarily offered a broad based inquiry and ensuing results would have silenced PTI once and for all.
(2) If during inquiry some irregularities came up, the govt could have taken appropriate action against persons responsible and would have made necessary changes in the electoral processes. Obviously Noon was not to be held responsible for malpractices in polls.
(3) A re-polling could have been ordered in disputed constituencies. As Noon had secured an overwhelming number of seats, even if they lost 50% to PTI that wouldn’t have made any difference. Noon would still be in leading position to form govt.
(4) Based on the facts obtained from inquiry and after punishing the culprits responsible for rigging, a comprehensive plan could have been made so that future elections were in fair manner.
(5) In the worst scenario if the Supreme Court had rendered the whole elections null & void and ordered re-elections, it would have been a feasible option. Re-elections are the solution for many problems. It would have averted the chances of anarchy and martial law.

But unfortunately the govt didn’t adopt this strategy and let the situation reach the present point. Now if Noon thinks that protest launched by PTI, PAT etc will pose no problem for them, then in my view the govt is playing a risky gamble. There can be two outcomes of this protest:

(1) If the protest is not supported by people ie the people do not come on street in reasonably large numbers and the protest becomes unsustainable then the movement will fizzle out. In that case Noon govt can relax and pass the remaining time in peace. This situation can also arise if the govt is successful in luring in the protesting parties to a compromise. The movement will then come to an end, waiting for the govt promises to be fulfilled, which will never be.

(2) If people come out in large numbers and the movement gains momentum with every passing day, the chances are that it may swell beyond proportions. In that case the govt will make hasty and erratic decisions and will eventually scum to public pressure.
In the case of movement becoming successful the govt will come under tremendous pressure. Army is likely to remain neutral and will not become party with Noon against will of the people. In that case the movement may result into an interim govt taking over the power.

Every problem has its solution, but with the passage of time as the problem becomes complex and serious the solutions tend to become more difficult and costly. We have examples as to how the strong rulers were disposed off in 1968, 1977, 1999 and 2008 as a result of public uprisings.

How PML-N govt will tackle this issue will be a test of its political acumen.

Possible Outcomes of Musharaf Trial Under High Treason

By Akhtar Malik: 3 Apr 2014

1011618_733099450055020_1962484865_nThough I am not in favor of any Martial Law or military takeover, but the way Mush case is being proceeded with, has raised some alarms. People in Pakistan, particularly the politicians, have just heard about dictatorship, they have not seen a real dictator as yet. We can name many dictators in history- some of them being Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddam etc.

All coups in Pakistan have so far been bloodless which just resulted in a change of govt. A real dictator will not excuse even a slightest dissent and will crush any opposition ruthlessly. He will not hesitate to put hundreds and thousands of his opponents on death row.

It is commendable for any civilian govt to talk about supremacy and safeguard of Constitution. PML-N govt has also embarked upon this venture. But they have not framed the treason charges well and proper. They have singled out Mush, applied para 1 of Article 6 of Constitution but have deliberately left / ignored accomplices of Mush like leadership of PML-Q, MQM, PCO Judges and other Generals. Similarly all those who have been enjoying power while siding with Mush, have taken their ride with PPP and are now sitting with Noon. They have neither been condemned nor penalized. This is dangerous and will help in averting the possibility of a future Martial Law.

I fear if the things are allowed to move in the same direction the next Martial Law will be bloody, ruthless and cruel. The architects of a future Martial Law will wipe out all those from whom they could feel threatened, will erase all proofs and above all will come to power for an indefinite period. They will not bank upon their civilian supporters / accomplices and will probably not use the crutches of a parliament or judiciary.

I wish it never happens and our civilian institutions get their roots firm. But I earnestly feel that the door of any future Martial Law cannot be closed with prosecutions and punishments, rather it can only be done with empowering the people through real Local Govt rule, eradicating corruption, establishing law & order, improving judicial procedures and making the economy strong. But so far no meaningful progress is in sight on a/m lines.

Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif Vows to Protect the Honor of Pakistan Army

By Akhtar Malik : 8 Apr 2014

This is neither a threat to democracy nor a forewarning of any impending martial law. But the message given by Army Chief is laud and clear. The democracy is welcome, the judiciary is respectable and a vocal media is desirable but the institution of Army should not be taken for a ride. It has its vitality for defense, integrity and stability of country.

Many people will stretch their imagination to correlate this statement with different scenario. The fact is that it has linkage with Mush case, the dialogue with TTP and discussions on electronic media. Over the past about a decade a campaign has been launched in the country to defame and undermine Pak Army as an institution. This campaign is part of 4th Generation War that has been imposed on Pakistan by its enemies. Some of the TV channels have been purchased by enemies for transmitting poisonous propaganda against Army, Pakistan ideology and Islam.

The govt should take the situation seriously and thwart all the possibilities of a confrontation between civil and military establishment. As I said in an earlier post that the way Mush is being singled out in treason case, has the potentials of creating problems for the govt. Similarly dialogue process with TTP seems to be lopsided and tilted in favor of terrorists. There is no respite in uncalled for critique of Army on electronic media.

There is still time for the govt to rescue the situation before it becomes too late..

Akhtar Malik

It is Surprising that PML-N Government Considers GEO Group and ISI at Par

Role of PML-N Government to Sponsor GEO TV Channel

Is this govt of the Noon hanging on our heads, really the govt of people of Pakistan? I am sure it is not. A leader, a party or a govt who cannot assess the importance of an institution of national defense (ISI) vis a vis a private media group and equates them to be at par, have no right to sit on treasury benches and decide the fate of 1900 million Pakistanis. It is dangerous and a risk for national security. 

A PML-N leader Uzma Bukhari explains the government stance on Geo/ ISI controversy. Please see this video link..


Is India really a secular democratic republic?

By Akhtar Malik 1 May 2014

Hindus have a peculiar, complex mentality. Intolerance and prejudice are the hallmark of Hindu culture. Today’s India is an artificial paradigm of democracy, secularism and non violence. Hindus have never been able to reconcile with the fact that sub continent of Indo-Pak belongs to a multiple spectrum of races and religions and is not a domain of Hindus only.

They are obsessed with the idea that everybody living in India must be a Hindu. Before 1947 they had started a campaign known as ‘Shudhi’ to forcibly convert Muslims into Hinduism and even today they want that Muslims in India should lose their identity and get merged with majority population of Hindus. Just see the video on the link given below and you will come to know the true face of extremist Hindus in India.

This should be an eye opener for our corrupt and self-centered leaders and misguided intellectuals who consider India to be our friend. Asif Ali Zardari had once said in an interview with a foreign journalist that there is a Pakistani in every Indian and there is an Indian in every Pakistani. Nawaz Sharif had remarked while addressing an Indian delegation that we worship the same god whom the Indians worship, and that we are the same people with common culture and only a thin line ( international border) has separated us. We must realize that a ‘Baniya’ can never be friend of Muslims. If the prejudiced Hindus can do this to Indian Muslims, what will be the limit of their maltreatment for Pakistani Muslims? It is time that we should strengthen our Pakistani nationalism, repose confidence in our institutions of national security and expose the enemy agents within our ranks and files, whatsoever their adopted cover may be..

Akhtar Malik