Possible Outcomes of Musharaf Trial Under High Treason

By Akhtar Malik: 3 Apr 2014

1011618_733099450055020_1962484865_nThough I am not in favor of any Martial Law or military takeover, but the way Mush case is being proceeded with, has raised some alarms. People in Pakistan, particularly the politicians, have just heard about dictatorship, they have not seen a real dictator as yet. We can name many dictators in history- some of them being Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddam etc.

All coups in Pakistan have so far been bloodless which just resulted in a change of govt. A real dictator will not excuse even a slightest dissent and will crush any opposition ruthlessly. He will not hesitate to put hundreds and thousands of his opponents on death row.

It is commendable for any civilian govt to talk about supremacy and safeguard of Constitution. PML-N govt has also embarked upon this venture. But they have not framed the treason charges well and proper. They have singled out Mush, applied para 1 of Article 6 of Constitution but have deliberately left / ignored accomplices of Mush like leadership of PML-Q, MQM, PCO Judges and other Generals. Similarly all those who have been enjoying power while siding with Mush, have taken their ride with PPP and are now sitting with Noon. They have neither been condemned nor penalized. This is dangerous and will help in averting the possibility of a future Martial Law.

I fear if the things are allowed to move in the same direction the next Martial Law will be bloody, ruthless and cruel. The architects of a future Martial Law will wipe out all those from whom they could feel threatened, will erase all proofs and above all will come to power for an indefinite period. They will not bank upon their civilian supporters / accomplices and will probably not use the crutches of a parliament or judiciary.

I wish it never happens and our civilian institutions get their roots firm. But I earnestly feel that the door of any future Martial Law cannot be closed with prosecutions and punishments, rather it can only be done with empowering the people through real Local Govt rule, eradicating corruption, establishing law & order, improving judicial procedures and making the economy strong. But so far no meaningful progress is in sight on a/m lines.

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