Is India really a secular democratic republic?

By Akhtar Malik 1 May 2014

Hindus have a peculiar, complex mentality. Intolerance and prejudice are the hallmark of Hindu culture. Today’s India is an artificial paradigm of democracy, secularism and non violence. Hindus have never been able to reconcile with the fact that sub continent of Indo-Pak belongs to a multiple spectrum of races and religions and is not a domain of Hindus only.

They are obsessed with the idea that everybody living in India must be a Hindu. Before 1947 they had started a campaign known as ‘Shudhi’ to forcibly convert Muslims into Hinduism and even today they want that Muslims in India should lose their identity and get merged with majority population of Hindus. Just see the video on the link given below and you will come to know the true face of extremist Hindus in India.

This should be an eye opener for our corrupt and self-centered leaders and misguided intellectuals who consider India to be our friend. Asif Ali Zardari had once said in an interview with a foreign journalist that there is a Pakistani in every Indian and there is an Indian in every Pakistani. Nawaz Sharif had remarked while addressing an Indian delegation that we worship the same god whom the Indians worship, and that we are the same people with common culture and only a thin line ( international border) has separated us. We must realize that a ‘Baniya’ can never be friend of Muslims. If the prejudiced Hindus can do this to Indian Muslims, what will be the limit of their maltreatment for Pakistani Muslims? It is time that we should strengthen our Pakistani nationalism, repose confidence in our institutions of national security and expose the enemy agents within our ranks and files, whatsoever their adopted cover may be..

Akhtar Malik

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