Latest-Pakistan-army-SSG-commando-wallpaper-and-picture Latest-Pakistan-army-SSG-commando-wallpaper-and-pictureA full fledged and comprehensive operation has been launched in North Waziristan by Pakistan Army to give a final blow to TTP and other terrorists. PAF, Army Aviation and ground troops will participate in the operation. The operation will continue till last terrorist is eliminated and final victory is achieved.

When I first saw this breaking news on TV from ISPR I thought that Army has taken this initiative at their own, bypassing the govt. But then the same statement of ISPR flashed the words that the operation has launched under the directions of the govt. As usual the govt was nowhere visible, till Kh. Asif and Pervez Rashid gave befitting statements. As a matter of fact I wanted to see my PM active and in action at this crucial moment. A press release from Min of Interior should have declared this operation instead of ISPR doing it. This should have been followed by a brief address of PM to the nation explaining as to why the dialogues with TTP have failed and why the operation has become unavoidable. The next day the PM should have taken the Parliament into confidence on this event of national importance. But alas! the statecraft still remains illusive to our 3rd time PM..

The Military Front

I am sure the military will do its job well and proper as they have done in swat and SW. Many terrorists will be killed, some will be apprehended but many will escape also. Collateral damage will also take place as is the case in any war. NW has a peculiar position as there will be some strategic interests at stake in the shape of Afghan freedom fighter (call them good Taliban). The problem of IDPs will be pronounced. Many civilians will migrate to Afghanistan also. After few weeks the Army will take control of the area as they did in SW and will deny a crucial space, base and hideout to terrorists. But the terrorists will flee to other tribal agencies and will even take refuge in settled areas where they may still find lot of supporters and sympathizers. Many of them will take refuge in Afghanistan and will continue their activities against Pakistan from their safe heavens. Though Pak Army has requested the Afghan National Army to destroy the hideouts of TTP in their areas but neither they nor the US/NATO will render any help to us in this regard.

The Diplomatic Front

Afghanistan is the most important factor. For a lasting peace we must have a friendly or at least a neutral govt there. A hostile govt there will neither cooperate with Pak nor will they eliminate our escaped terrorists. Here comes the diplomatic acumen of Noon govt and how they deal with this factor. Similarly Indian interference and their support of terrorists need a diplomatic initiative. Will NS be able to do that?

The Penal Front

Terrorists and their supporters will take refuge in cities as well. Many TTP and other terrorists who are sentenced to death are still in jails. Will the govt execute them? We are at war and this menace cannot be dealt with through peacetime procedures like registration of FIR, witnesses, civil courts etc. Will the govt improve these procedures to quickly punish the killers, or they will be kept waiting in jails till they are freed through a jail break?

Our civil governments have miserably failed to tackle post war scenario in Swat and S Waziristan. It is yet to be seen as to how the govt will act in present situation. It is not recommended to spread Pak Army in all nooks and corners of the country and leave aside the civil rehabilitation work.

Akhtar Malik


  1. Javaid Bashir

    Situation has changed by now in this war against terrorism. The war has been intensified in the trenches and elsewhere in Pakistan. I have been appealing to the feds for the last many years to use full force of State against the terrorists, extremists, and militants.

    Zardari and Nawaz regimes have failed to do the right thing. They delayed the matter due to their indecisiveness and inaction which has caused us greater damage.

    They talks with the terrorists were doomed to fail as predicted by the saner element, and these negotiations ultimately failed too. Another six months were lost in these meaningless talks and we further suffered losses at the hands of the enemy. The terrorists emboldened and carried out their nefarious activities with greater impunity.

    The armed forces watched these proceedings with patience, and did not intervene at all. But there is always limit to patience. They were driven to the point that the army leadership took their own decision to initiate and launch the military Operation in North Waziristan.

    General Raheel Sharif should be credited fir taking this bold step to save Pakistan from this menace. The morale of our soldiers is upbeat. Zarb e Azb operation is the initiative to eliminate the last of the terrorist. We are in a it for a long time.

    The entire nation stands by the armed forces and pray for the success of the said operation to clean the mess of the politicians created due to their indecision and inaction. Nawaz Government reluctantly opted to own the operation. We are thankful to the Armed Forces Leadership for making the right decision in the greater national interest.

    Attorney at law
    Bedford , NH, USA


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