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How to Reform Pakistan Police in Shortest Possible Time?


Police reforms are tedious and complicated job. Moreover the vested interests of the country never want that police in Pakistan should be depoliticized and totally independent like we have in developed countries.Funny-Pakistani-Police-Rocks--1327

I suggest that without going into the riggers of constitutional amendments and enactment in the parliament the police dept should be handed over to Pak Army for a couple of years as is being done in the case of Rangers and Frontier Corps. The suggested organization and structure of police will be as under:

1. Senior command of the police will be held by officers deputed from Army for 2-3 years.
a. Lt Gen / Maj Gen. IGP
b. Brig. DIG
c. Col / Lt Col. SSP
d. Maj / Capt. SP / Staff officers

2. Induction to police thru FPCS will be withheld for the time being. Those already serving will be adjusted in other civil dept in equivalent ranks. However personnel from police ranks will continue being promoted to the rank of SP and adjusted as per vacancies / requirement.

3. It will be mandatory for every police uniformed employee to serve with Pak Army on attachment for at least six months in each rank. This will inculcate combat training in police which is so essential to fight the terrorists and armed criminals. It will also enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Army and police.

4. Army officers deputed to police will undergo a short orientation course in Police Academy in order to impart working knowledge of police/criminal code and judicial procedures.

5. In order to have an effective check on the efficiency and working of police, a Police Intelligence Unit (PIU) will be raised with every provincial police HQ. The PIU will have its detachments down to Dist / Tehsil level.

6. Police organized on new lines will operate under the interior ministry of respective province but will be completely independent in terms of its all functions. No political or other interference will be possible in recruitment, training, postings / transfers, promotions and discipline of police dept.

The suggested arrangement may be undertaken for 5 to 10 years. When the police dept is sufficiently purged of its ills the existing system can again be adopted in phases.

And most important are the timings.This is the time when the Army Chief can take the initiative of undertaking this project and get the nation rid of our stereotyped police whose job now is to serve the personal interests of the rulers and to support the criminals gangs only.

Akhtar Malik

The Rulers who are Indicted on Murder Charges are still in Power in Pakistan

We are living in a system where, two courts including a High Court, have given their judgement that an FIR against 21 persons including the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister should be registered in a murder case of 14 citizens, and all the accused persons are continuing to hold their offices. In other words we are being ruled by persons who are legally accused of murders or abetting the murders. Can we find a single example of such an apathy in any of the world democracies?

We are living in a system where legal counsels of the heirs of the victims go to police station to get the FIR registered with a High Court order to this effect in their hands, but the police refuses to register. The whole staff of police station vanishes and some Gullu Butts come in to have scuffle with the legal counsels. Is there any precedence of such lawlessness in any civilized country?

Leaving the politics of IK or TuQ aside for the time being and focussing on the society as a whole would you call this system constitutional, legal, democratic, ethical or Islamic in any way? Can this system be supported, accommodated or appreciated by anyone less its own beneficiaries? Over the past 65 years this system has been nurtured, shaped and protected by successive rulers, both civilian and military, and no change or improvement has been made therein. Will the present political paradigm make any change? Never. It is the power of people of Pakistan who can and will change this cruel system one day. Insha Allah.

Written by  Akhtar Malik 28 August 2014


Latest-Pakistan-army-SSG-commando-wallpaper-and-pictureIn a meeting NS requested Army Chief Gen Raheel to play his role in resolving the political crisis, to which the later acceded. As per Dawn newspaper NS appointed Gen Raheel as the arbitrator between the protestors (PTI/PAT) and the Govt. IK & TuQ had a lengthy meeting with COAS on night 28-29 Aug and both leaders seem to be satisfied as far as the meeting is concerned.

Though it is a welcome progress that kindles a light of hope to diffuse the tension and normalize the life, but I wish the politicians could have resolved their issues by themselves without inviting Army. It is a matter of shame for Noon govt that enjoys about 2/3 majority in NA and claims to have a support of 11 out of 12 parties in the parliament. Once again our politicians have proved that they are incapable of resolving even their trivial issues.

Though the political parties had shown resolve to support NS and had told him to stand-fast and do not resign, they did not even once asked the govt to register FIR of Model Town massacre or didn’t ask NS that OK Mr. PM we have supported you and your govt but you must also show flexibility with protestors, as your mandate has already become dubious. I am sure NS has not taken them in to confidence while making Army Chief as arbitrator. I don’t know how will NS show his face to them and will he address the parliament now. I can say it with confidence that failure of politicians, particularly the Govt, to resolve the crisis at their own, have made the political paradigm much weaker than before.

Another point of concern is that supporters of Noon have started bashing and criticizing the Army on its present role to resolve crisis. I ask the critics what wrong on God’s earth has the Army done? Have they imposed martial law? Have they toppled the NS govt? Have they asked for resignation of NS on gun point? Or have they intervened against the wishes of the Govt? Obviously not. Noon supporters should rather be happy that at least the democracy is safe and has not been derailed. Then it is just a matter of arbitration. If Noon thinks that they have committed a mistake to make this arrangement they can always say goodby to it. Arbitration is effective only when all the parties agree to it. After the meeting with CAOS, both the leaders, IK & TuQ have made it clear that nothing short of resignation of NS and SS will be acceptable, otherwise Dharnas will continue. Same line can be adopted by Noon if they think they are being aggrieved.

Written by   Akhtar Malik  on 29 August 2014




On the Defense Day of Pakistan we pay tribute to our gallant officers and soldiers who laid down their lives for safety of their motherland. Our Armed Forces have always come up to the expectations of the nation in defending the country, both from external and internal aggressors.

No doubt our Armed Forces and their operational preparedness is vital for our survival and we can’t even think of living like a free nation without them. However the corrupt and inept electoral system of Pakistan is its biggest enemy. A foreign aggressor like India will attack and we will fight back. The battle will be of a fixed duration in which the enemy designs will be thwarted ad we have been dong from 1948 onwards. Similarly fighting the terrorists will also have some specific timelines and we will win at the end as we have done in Swat and S Waziristan. But the biggest enemy, the corrupt electoral system, which is taking our heavy toll for over six decades has yet to be encountered and defeated.

Our biggest and most devastating enemy, the electoral system, has made our nation a slave and subservient to a handful of exploiters, looters and greedy persons who have occupied the country in the name of democracy and constitution. This ruling mafia has dig its claws very deep in our societal fiber and has a very strong nexus with internal and international forces who do not want any positive change in Pakistan. People of Pakistan have awakened to bring this corrupt electoral system down and replace it with a transparent and free one, where people will be able to send their real reps to assemblies. Till that time the battles goes on.

The Defense Day of Pakistan demands an equal struggle against this corrupt electoral system exactly on the same lines as it envisages a strong defense against the external enemies of Pakistan..

Written by  Akhtar Malik on 4 Sept 2015


Over the past one week MQM chief Altaf Hussein has started suggesting that Pakistan should have 20 new and smaller provinces and that Sindh should also have more provinces. Earlier MQM had a stance that they do not want division of Sindh which they still maintain.

MQM is scared of rising popularity of PTI particularly in Sindh. This is the most serious political challenge that MQM is facing in urban Sindh, particularly in Karachi in its history. PTI has successfully penetrated those areas which were earlier considered as MQM stronghold and were virtually ‘no go areas’ for other parties. If fair & free elections are the results will be a total surprise and devastation for MQM. MQM is perturbed as its politics of gun has totally failed to deter the citizens of Karachi from joining and supporting PTI.

In order to neutralize PTI and diminish its popularity in Sindh MQM has played its trump card– the division of Sindh. MQM thinks that if PTI supports making of more provinces it will lose its support in rural Sindh and if it opposes the new provinces it will lose lose support in urban Sindh and Karachi. Someone asked Dr. Arif Alvi of PTI about this proposal of MQM to which he said, ‘ Make more smaller provinces in rest of Pakistan and leave Sindh for the time being, as it is a sensitive issue there”. Making this statement of PTI leader as an excuse MQM members staged a walkout from Assembly and have announced to stage a dharna at Teen Talwar Clifton Karachi on 21 Sept.

It is interesting to note that MQM is not protesting against PPP who always opposes the division of Sindh aggressively. MQM is not protesting against Noon league who do not have any plan for making more provinces anywhere not at all in Sindh. MQM is protesting against PTI who is not in power either in Sindh or in Center. They are protesting against just one casual statement of one of its leader which cannot be even termed as policy statement of the party. The sinister designs of MQM are very obvious to any neutral observer, particularly when Imran Khan is going to address a jalsa in Karachi on 22 Sept.

I expect PTI leadership to neutralize this conspiracy of MQM by making a clear policy statement on this sensitive issue. PTI should announce that they are not against making of new provinces in Sindh but it should be left to the people of Sindh to decide. PTI should also ask PPP (being rep of rural Sindh) and MQM (being rep of urban Sindh) to sit together, discuss the matter and form a joint commission that would decide about the number of newly proposed provinces and other related details. Once both the parties arrive at a conclusion PTI will have no reservation to support the plan.

If MQM is really serious (which I doubt it is as the past history of the party reveals) then the issue will be resolved without creating any ethnic and linguistic confrontation in the province. If MQM has floated this proposal just as a tool to trap PTI, it will be neutralized well and proper.

Written by   Akhtar Malik  on 20 Sept 2014

Blame Game in Politics of Pakistan


(1) Iftekhar M Chaudhry. The ex CJP has been squarely blamed by IK for rigging elections. IK ridicules him almost daily in any language he deems fit. IMC had given legal notice to IK for contempt and threatened to proceed against him in court if he doesn’t apologize. IK has not apologized rather he has withdrawn his written reply also. Why is IMC not proceeding against him in the court?

(2) Arsalan Iftekhar. Son of ex CJP notorious for making billions thru corruption was blamed by IK in a public gathering. Arsalan had threatened IK of legal action. Arsalan had been gathering data about IK from various institutions and dept for this purpose. His main focus was to demean IK on charges of moral turpitude concerning his early life. It is now about 3 months. What Arsalan is waiting for? why is he not proceeding against IK?

(3) Justice (R) Riaz Kiyani. One of the main linchpin of electoral machinery who was instrumental in rigging the elections on massive level. His ex secy Afzal Khan leveled serious allegation against ECP and particularly Kiyani. Justice (R) Kiyani had announced to proceed against all those who are hurling blames. Where has he gone now?

(4) Justice (R) Khalil Ramdey. Another important figure who has been accused by IK for running a cell to monitor the rigging had also threatened to go to court against IK and others. Why is he silent?

(5) Khurshid Shah. Opposition leader in NA has been blamed by IK for having two corruption cases pending against him in NAB. IK had told the audience in Islamabad that soon you will see Khurshid Shah absolved of the corruption charges as a part of MUK MUKA between PPP and Noon. The person has asked IK to render a public apology within 3 days otherwise he will be prosecuted in the court for defamation. The dead line is just 2 days away. Will he go to court or follow suit of his above companions?

Most of the above persons belong to legal fraternity who must be have strong links there. Then why are they reluctant? The reason is that all of them are guilty and they know it well and proper. They know that as and when they will initiate legal proceedings against IK it will bounce back on them.

So no doubt  that these mighty prosecutors are reluctant to go to the court.

Written by Akhtar Malik on 21 Sept 2014

The Allegations of Money Laundering on Pakistani Finance Minister

Mian Nawaz Sharif is Prime Minister of Pakistan and Mr. Ishaq Dar, his ‘Samadhi’, is Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Sometimes back when both were not in power, Ishaq Dar gave a statement in the court on an Affidavit that he had helped Nawaz Sharif in transporting a huge amount of money out of Pakistan through Money Laundering..



Either Mr. Ishaq Dar is telling the truth


Mr, Ishaq Dar is telling a lie….!!

And, there should have been only two outcomes…







Written by Akhtar Malik on 3 Oct 2014

The Future of Pakistan Peoples Party


برمنگھم برطانیہ : پیپلزپارٹی کے جلسے میں لوگ نہ آنے کی وجہ سے سیکورٹی خدشات کا بہانہ بنا کر جلسہ منسوخ کر دیا گیا۔
چند لوگوں نے گو بلاول گو کے نعرے بھی مارے۔

If PPP really wants to remain a meaningful political force in Pakistan, it must do following:

1. Replace Bilawal with some seasoned and capable person. There is no dearth of good people in the party. They should not be obsessed with Bhutto only. Anyone leading the party will definitely draw ideological strength from Bhutto. People are otherwise getting averse to family-based politics, so they must get rid of this curse, the sooner the better.

2. Give a clear narrative to the nation as to where does the party stand and what they aim to achieve. PPP should not be seen as a part of status quo. The whole nation is waking up for a change and parties who try to resist this change will be reduced to non entity.

By Akhtar Malik

16 Nov 2014