The Rulers who are Indicted on Murder Charges are still in Power in Pakistan

We are living in a system where, two courts including a High Court, have given their judgement that an FIR against 21 persons including the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister should be registered in a murder case of 14 citizens, and all the accused persons are continuing to hold their offices. In other words we are being ruled by persons who are legally accused of murders or abetting the murders. Can we find a single example of such an apathy in any of the world democracies?

We are living in a system where legal counsels of the heirs of the victims go to police station to get the FIR registered with a High Court order to this effect in their hands, but the police refuses to register. The whole staff of police station vanishes and some Gullu Butts come in to have scuffle with the legal counsels. Is there any precedence of such lawlessness in any civilized country?

Leaving the politics of IK or TuQ aside for the time being and focussing on the society as a whole would you call this system constitutional, legal, democratic, ethical or Islamic in any way? Can this system be supported, accommodated or appreciated by anyone less its own beneficiaries? Over the past 65 years this system has been nurtured, shaped and protected by successive rulers, both civilian and military, and no change or improvement has been made therein. Will the present political paradigm make any change? Never. It is the power of people of Pakistan who can and will change this cruel system one day. Insha Allah.

Written by  Akhtar Malik 28 August 2014

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