How to Reform Pakistan Police in Shortest Possible Time?


Police reforms are tedious and complicated job. Moreover the vested interests of the country never want that police in Pakistan should be depoliticized and totally independent like we have in developed countries.Funny-Pakistani-Police-Rocks--1327

I suggest that without going into the riggers of constitutional amendments and enactment in the parliament the police dept should be handed over to Pak Army for a couple of years as is being done in the case of Rangers and Frontier Corps. The suggested organization and structure of police will be as under:

1. Senior command of the police will be held by officers deputed from Army for 2-3 years.
a. Lt Gen / Maj Gen. IGP
b. Brig. DIG
c. Col / Lt Col. SSP
d. Maj / Capt. SP / Staff officers

2. Induction to police thru FPCS will be withheld for the time being. Those already serving will be adjusted in other civil dept in equivalent ranks. However personnel from police ranks will continue being promoted to the rank of SP and adjusted as per vacancies / requirement.

3. It will be mandatory for every police uniformed employee to serve with Pak Army on attachment for at least six months in each rank. This will inculcate combat training in police which is so essential to fight the terrorists and armed criminals. It will also enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Army and police.

4. Army officers deputed to police will undergo a short orientation course in Police Academy in order to impart working knowledge of police/criminal code and judicial procedures.

5. In order to have an effective check on the efficiency and working of police, a Police Intelligence Unit (PIU) will be raised with every provincial police HQ. The PIU will have its detachments down to Dist / Tehsil level.

6. Police organized on new lines will operate under the interior ministry of respective province but will be completely independent in terms of its all functions. No political or other interference will be possible in recruitment, training, postings / transfers, promotions and discipline of police dept.

The suggested arrangement may be undertaken for 5 to 10 years. When the police dept is sufficiently purged of its ills the existing system can again be adopted in phases.

And most important are the timings.This is the time when the Army Chief can take the initiative of undertaking this project and get the nation rid of our stereotyped police whose job now is to serve the personal interests of the rulers and to support the criminals gangs only.

Akhtar Malik


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