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Blame Game in Politics of Pakistan


(1) Iftekhar M Chaudhry. The ex CJP has been squarely blamed by IK for rigging elections. IK ridicules him almost daily in any language he deems fit. IMC had given legal notice to IK for contempt and threatened to proceed against him in court if he doesn’t apologize. IK has not apologized rather he has withdrawn his written reply also. Why is IMC not proceeding against him in the court?

(2) Arsalan Iftekhar. Son of ex CJP notorious for making billions thru corruption was blamed by IK in a public gathering. Arsalan had threatened IK of legal action. Arsalan had been gathering data about IK from various institutions and dept for this purpose. His main focus was to demean IK on charges of moral turpitude concerning his early life. It is now about 3 months. What Arsalan is waiting for? why is he not proceeding against IK?

(3) Justice (R) Riaz Kiyani. One of the main linchpin of electoral machinery who was instrumental in rigging the elections on massive level. His ex secy Afzal Khan leveled serious allegation against ECP and particularly Kiyani. Justice (R) Kiyani had announced to proceed against all those who are hurling blames. Where has he gone now?

(4) Justice (R) Khalil Ramdey. Another important figure who has been accused by IK for running a cell to monitor the rigging had also threatened to go to court against IK and others. Why is he silent?

(5) Khurshid Shah. Opposition leader in NA has been blamed by IK for having two corruption cases pending against him in NAB. IK had told the audience in Islamabad that soon you will see Khurshid Shah absolved of the corruption charges as a part of MUK MUKA between PPP and Noon. The person has asked IK to render a public apology within 3 days otherwise he will be prosecuted in the court for defamation. The dead line is just 2 days away. Will he go to court or follow suit of his above companions?

Most of the above persons belong to legal fraternity who must be have strong links there. Then why are they reluctant? The reason is that all of them are guilty and they know it well and proper. They know that as and when they will initiate legal proceedings against IK it will bounce back on them.

So no doubt  that these mighty prosecutors are reluctant to go to the court.

Written by Akhtar Malik on 21 Sept 2014