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Should Imran Khan Join Hands with Dr. Tahirul Qadri to Bring Change in Pakistan

By Akhtar Malik

21 July 2013

ikA discussion is going on whether Imran Khan and Dr. Tahirul Qadri should launch a joint effort to change this system or not. Some people think that Dr. Tahirul Qadri was right by saying that this system will not allow any meaningful change through elections. He wanted to change this system through peaceful public pressure and introduce electoral reforms. But no one in Pakistan joined hands with him. His movement . long march and ‘Dharna’ remained an isolated effort and thus did not produce desired results.

There is no doubt that IK has done much more service for the nation as compared to TuQ. However as TuQ doesn’t believe in existing electoral system so he has not and will not, make an effort WITHIN THE SYSTEM. TuQ said that no change is expected from existing system and the system has to be demolished if you want to bring change. The elections 2013 have proved it beyond doubt and IK has also acknowledged it by saying that ‘TuQ was right’.

The point to ponder is that if IK has acknowledged the validity of TuQ’s words then what to do next? Should we keep repeating the same electoral process again and again and at the end keep saying that the elections were rigged? The present corrupt and rotten system will never allow an honest and patriotic leadership to come to power. This system has to control only 10 people to play with the fate of the nation. These 10 people include 5 members of Election Commission and 1 caretaker PM and 4 caretaker CMs. This system has done the same in recent elections and has baffled everybody around. So what do you expect in future? Will this system allow any transparency and impartiality in future elections? What would stop this system to commit rigging in next elections? Please note that this system is NOT ALLOWING PTI  EVEN TO RECHECK THE THUMB IMPRESSIONS IN JUST 4 CONSTITUENCIES! It is totally absurd to expect any good from this system.

Be assured that if IK participates even in 10 more elections with his present profile of an upright and honest leader, he will not be allowed to make his way to the corridors of power. Yes of course, if he makes compromises with the powers of status quo, both within the country and outside, he will be allowed to form the government.

The real power of a revolutionary leader lies in his ability to mobilize the masses on streets. These are the teeth of a leader with which he can bite the corrupt system and compel it to bow down before the aspirations of the masses. Due to many factors TuQ could not mobilize the masses on vast scale so as to compel the system to surrender before the people but he gave a ray of hope and a line of action that such things can be done.

I don’t know whether TuQ will ever make a comeback. If he comes back  then it will be an additional advantage for the change seekers like IK. But if he doesn’t come back the whole burden of bringing change will squarely lie on IK. One day IK will have to come on streets if he wants a real change. This system has to be demolished from top to bottom, otherwise there is no chance of any improvement. Just take example of PTI government in KPK. Do you believe that this corrupt system will let PTI make KPK an exemplary province? Not at all. So far the federal government is entangled in many other serious issues. Let them be free from that and you will see how many hurdles are created in the way of KPK government.

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