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On the Defense Day of Pakistan we pay tribute to our gallant officers and soldiers who laid down their lives for safety of their motherland. Our Armed Forces have always come up to the expectations of the nation in defending the country, both from external and internal aggressors.

No doubt our Armed Forces and their operational preparedness is vital for our survival and we can’t even think of living like a free nation without them. However the corrupt and inept electoral system of Pakistan is its biggest enemy. A foreign aggressor like India will attack and we will fight back. The battle will be of a fixed duration in which the enemy designs will be thwarted ad we have been dong from 1948 onwards. Similarly fighting the terrorists will also have some specific timelines and we will win at the end as we have done in Swat and S Waziristan. But the biggest enemy, the corrupt electoral system, which is taking our heavy toll for over six decades has yet to be encountered and defeated.

Our biggest and most devastating enemy, the electoral system, has made our nation a slave and subservient to a handful of exploiters, looters and greedy persons who have occupied the country in the name of democracy and constitution. This ruling mafia has dig its claws very deep in our societal fiber and has a very strong nexus with internal and international forces who do not want any positive change in Pakistan. People of Pakistan have awakened to bring this corrupt electoral system down and replace it with a transparent and free one, where people will be able to send their real reps to assemblies. Till that time the battles goes on.

The Defense Day of Pakistan demands an equal struggle against this corrupt electoral system exactly on the same lines as it envisages a strong defense against the external enemies of Pakistan..

Written by  Akhtar Malik on 4 Sept 2015


By Akhtar Malik- 6 Sept 2013
1006057_519736934770498_989226080_nOn the eve of 6 Sept we pay homage to our brave defense forces for the selfless sacrifices rendered by them in defense of the mother land. Despite of severe criticism from our media, politicians, civil society, journalists, immense pressure from India on eastern borders and terrorist attacks from western borders, and a well planned anti Pakistan / Army campaign at international level, our Army stands fast on all fronts. Pakistan Army is the last hurdle in the way of our enemies, both internal and external, who are bent upon destroying Pakistan. The 4th Generation War against Pakistan and its defense forces / ISI is going on in full swing, but our soldiers are displaying exceptional bravery and resilience to thwart this threat.

But what is the real way of celebrating the Defense Day? How can we strengthen the defense of our country. Obviously the first step is to strengthen our armed forces and give them moral support to accomplish their mission. But given the scenario through which we are passing, I believe that the defense of Pakistan demands a total demolition of the existing corrupt, inefficient and inept electoral system. The electoral system of any country is of tremendous importance because it props up the leadership for making national policies and ensuring an effective governance in the country. If the electoral system is corrupt by itself it will never allow a truly honest and capable leadership to thrive.

hataf2As is happening in Pakistan, the existing electoral system is continuously propping up the same old, rotten and corrupt people who have been looting and plundering the nation for 6 decades with impunity. This corrupt system does not allow to change the faces even, so we are not surprised to see the same people in assemblies who supported Musharaf, then were part of Zardari government and are now active members of Nawaz Shareef government without any sign of shame on their faces. The logical result is that this land has yet to see the light of any positive change.

This inept electoral system effectively blocks the actual representation of poor people and down trodden segments of society. This system keeps the common people slave of the ‘electable’ who are otherwise the most corrupt and biggest law breakers of their respective areas. This system totally favors the looters, plunderers and corrupt persons and gives them authority to frame our destinies. It supports rigging and malpractices during election and once the victims plead for redress, the justice is denied to them. As a result of the elections conducted under this system, the corrupt mafia becomes ever stronger and exploits the poor people with more vigor. The so-called ‘representatives’ of the people sitting in assemblies and the cabinets will never have the moral strength and courage to face the internal and external enemies of Pakistan. They will be readily purchased and intimidated by the enemies and will not be allowed to make people-friendly and Pakistan-oriented domestic and foreign policies. The defense of Pakistan will always be at a great risk if these people are allowed to remain at the helm of affairs. An utmost struggle like ‘Jihad’ against the electoral system is the only way to ensure the integrity, stability and progress of the country.

The continuation of corrupt electoral system is a serious threat to the very existence of Pakistan.