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Blame Game in Politics of Pakistan


(1) Iftekhar M Chaudhry. The ex CJP has been squarely blamed by IK for rigging elections. IK ridicules him almost daily in any language he deems fit. IMC had given legal notice to IK for contempt and threatened to proceed against him in court if he doesn’t apologize. IK has not apologized rather he has withdrawn his written reply also. Why is IMC not proceeding against him in the court?

(2) Arsalan Iftekhar. Son of ex CJP notorious for making billions thru corruption was blamed by IK in a public gathering. Arsalan had threatened IK of legal action. Arsalan had been gathering data about IK from various institutions and dept for this purpose. His main focus was to demean IK on charges of moral turpitude concerning his early life. It is now about 3 months. What Arsalan is waiting for? why is he not proceeding against IK?

(3) Justice (R) Riaz Kiyani. One of the main linchpin of electoral machinery who was instrumental in rigging the elections on massive level. His ex secy Afzal Khan leveled serious allegation against ECP and particularly Kiyani. Justice (R) Kiyani had announced to proceed against all those who are hurling blames. Where has he gone now?

(4) Justice (R) Khalil Ramdey. Another important figure who has been accused by IK for running a cell to monitor the rigging had also threatened to go to court against IK and others. Why is he silent?

(5) Khurshid Shah. Opposition leader in NA has been blamed by IK for having two corruption cases pending against him in NAB. IK had told the audience in Islamabad that soon you will see Khurshid Shah absolved of the corruption charges as a part of MUK MUKA between PPP and Noon. The person has asked IK to render a public apology within 3 days otherwise he will be prosecuted in the court for defamation. The dead line is just 2 days away. Will he go to court or follow suit of his above companions?

Most of the above persons belong to legal fraternity who must be have strong links there. Then why are they reluctant? The reason is that all of them are guilty and they know it well and proper. They know that as and when they will initiate legal proceedings against IK it will bounce back on them.

So no doubt  that these mighty prosecutors are reluctant to go to the court.

Written by Akhtar Malik on 21 Sept 2014

Public Protest of PTI against Election Rigging Reaches Sialkot


10360396_752629251446164_2188731450328949406_nWith every successive jalsa of PTI the zeal, enthusiasm and vigor of the people is increasing. Those who thought that people will forget about election rigging as a thing of the past, should open their eyes and see reality on ground. There is s general awareness among the masses that without fair & free elections a true democracy is not possible, and without true democracy a nation cannot progress. People are no more satisfied with the spate of so-called development works of the Noon govt like metro buses and metro trains. People want their life, property and honor to be protected. They are an eye witness to the gruesome condition of lawlessness in Punjab and how Punjab police is playing havoc with the lives of poor people. People are feeling that unless the curse of two-family political system is replaced with true democracy, their plight will see no positive change.

10418252_752629218112834_5977185936771168993_nPeople are getting astonished to know the blatant and sophisticated methods being applied by the authorities to hijack their mandate. With every constituency that is being opened / scrutinized the mind boggling methods of rigging are surfacing, thereby casting deep doubts on the legitimacy of the sitting rulers. But unfortunately the govt is turning a blind eye towards these facts, on the hope that public protest of PTI will fizzle out soon. Sadly for them the realities on ground are quite contrary to their expectations.

Akhtar Malik

Will PML-N Government Meet Demands of PTI for Electoral Reforms

By Akhtar Malik: 14 May 2014


10352404_734904693218620_6670531834815141976_nIK has given a workable charter of demand to govt. It is all democratic and has the support of almost all political parties. Good omen is that IK wants reforms while staying as part of the system. This is a golden opportunity for the Noon govt to take initiative and fulfill these demands.

So far Noon govt has not shown any inclination to take these demands seriously and is seen to while away time. The ministers are still attacking IK and his rallies. Ego and expediencies should not be allowed to create hurdles. Any apathy on the part of Noon govt will give an impression to the people that solution of problems is not possible in a democratic dispensation. This will be

Protest Rallies of Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri on 11 May 2014

By Akhtar Malik : 10 May 2014


imagesA nationwide protest movement against electoral rigging is in the offing. Imran Khan has announced that the protest will not be stopped till its logical outcome- the electoral reforms to ensure fair and free elections- is achieved. Parallel to PTI, another movement is also being launched by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri of PAT, with the aim of revamping the whole corrupt system that has played havoc with the lives and properties of the citizens. Both the leaders have pledged not to support martial law but to install a real democracy that will reflect the aspirations of poor masses and down trodden strata of society. A number of other political parties and religious will also join the protest.

IK has knocked on all the doors to get justice in his cases against election rigging but couldn’t, even after a lapse of one year. The govt of PML-N seems to be ignorant of what all can happen on 11 May and onwards. They had neither taken any action to avert this eventuality nor are they expected to take any now. Only statements like ‘ foreign agenda’, hidden hand’, ‘derailing of democracy’ etc may not help to resolve the issue. Something concrete should have been done to satisfy the aggrieved party.

PAT-Rally-against-Corrupt-electoral-system_2013-04-21_04Over the past one year the situation has been made more complex. As per constitution the election tribunals are bound to decide the cases of alleged rigging within 4 months. As and where an election tribunal gave orders for recounting, the member from Noon went to courts and obtained stay orders. Ayaz Sadiq Speaker NA is dragging his case for 8 months. If PTI went to courts, they ruled that it is the domain of election commission and not the courts. But at the same times courts have been issuing stay orders in the same cases. The point to ponder is- if a system comprising ECP, election tribunals and the Judiciary at various level is unable to dispense justice even within one years, and the sitting govt also feels ‘unable’ to do anything in this situation, then what is the use of this inept and rotten system which needs revamping immediately?

It is not understood as to why the Noon govt has taken this burden of election rigging on themselves? Noon was not the one who had conducted elections. It was the caretaker govt and judiciary who performed this task. Had Noon govt conducted an impartial inquiry in to rigging, there could have been two scenarios:

(1) If Noon thought that allegations leveled by PTI were baseless and Noon got a genuine mandate of the people then Noon should have voluntarily offered a broad based inquiry and ensuing results would have silenced PTI once and for all.
(2) If during inquiry some irregularities came up, the govt could have taken appropriate action against persons responsible and would have made necessary changes in the electoral processes. Obviously Noon was not to be held responsible for malpractices in polls.
(3) A re-polling could have been ordered in disputed constituencies. As Noon had secured an overwhelming number of seats, even if they lost 50% to PTI that wouldn’t have made any difference. Noon would still be in leading position to form govt.
(4) Based on the facts obtained from inquiry and after punishing the culprits responsible for rigging, a comprehensive plan could have been made so that future elections were in fair manner.
(5) In the worst scenario if the Supreme Court had rendered the whole elections null & void and ordered re-elections, it would have been a feasible option. Re-elections are the solution for many problems. It would have averted the chances of anarchy and martial law.

But unfortunately the govt didn’t adopt this strategy and let the situation reach the present point. Now if Noon thinks that protest launched by PTI, PAT etc will pose no problem for them, then in my view the govt is playing a risky gamble. There can be two outcomes of this protest:

(1) If the protest is not supported by people ie the people do not come on street in reasonably large numbers and the protest becomes unsustainable then the movement will fizzle out. In that case Noon govt can relax and pass the remaining time in peace. This situation can also arise if the govt is successful in luring in the protesting parties to a compromise. The movement will then come to an end, waiting for the govt promises to be fulfilled, which will never be.

(2) If people come out in large numbers and the movement gains momentum with every passing day, the chances are that it may swell beyond proportions. In that case the govt will make hasty and erratic decisions and will eventually scum to public pressure.
In the case of movement becoming successful the govt will come under tremendous pressure. Army is likely to remain neutral and will not become party with Noon against will of the people. In that case the movement may result into an interim govt taking over the power.

Every problem has its solution, but with the passage of time as the problem becomes complex and serious the solutions tend to become more difficult and costly. We have examples as to how the strong rulers were disposed off in 1968, 1977, 1999 and 2008 as a result of public uprisings.

How PML-N govt will tackle this issue will be a test of its political acumen.

Should Imran Khan Join Hands with Dr. Tahirul Qadri to Bring Change in Pakistan

By Akhtar Malik

21 July 2013

ikA discussion is going on whether Imran Khan and Dr. Tahirul Qadri should launch a joint effort to change this system or not. Some people think that Dr. Tahirul Qadri was right by saying that this system will not allow any meaningful change through elections. He wanted to change this system through peaceful public pressure and introduce electoral reforms. But no one in Pakistan joined hands with him. His movement . long march and ‘Dharna’ remained an isolated effort and thus did not produce desired results.

There is no doubt that IK has done much more service for the nation as compared to TuQ. However as TuQ doesn’t believe in existing electoral system so he has not and will not, make an effort WITHIN THE SYSTEM. TuQ said that no change is expected from existing system and the system has to be demolished if you want to bring change. The elections 2013 have proved it beyond doubt and IK has also acknowledged it by saying that ‘TuQ was right’.

The point to ponder is that if IK has acknowledged the validity of TuQ’s words then what to do next? Should we keep repeating the same electoral process again and again and at the end keep saying that the elections were rigged? The present corrupt and rotten system will never allow an honest and patriotic leadership to come to power. This system has to control only 10 people to play with the fate of the nation. These 10 people include 5 members of Election Commission and 1 caretaker PM and 4 caretaker CMs. This system has done the same in recent elections and has baffled everybody around. So what do you expect in future? Will this system allow any transparency and impartiality in future elections? What would stop this system to commit rigging in next elections? Please note that this system is NOT ALLOWING PTI  EVEN TO RECHECK THE THUMB IMPRESSIONS IN JUST 4 CONSTITUENCIES! It is totally absurd to expect any good from this system.

Be assured that if IK participates even in 10 more elections with his present profile of an upright and honest leader, he will not be allowed to make his way to the corridors of power. Yes of course, if he makes compromises with the powers of status quo, both within the country and outside, he will be allowed to form the government.

The real power of a revolutionary leader lies in his ability to mobilize the masses on streets. These are the teeth of a leader with which he can bite the corrupt system and compel it to bow down before the aspirations of the masses. Due to many factors TuQ could not mobilize the masses on vast scale so as to compel the system to surrender before the people but he gave a ray of hope and a line of action that such things can be done.

I don’t know whether TuQ will ever make a comeback. If he comes back  then it will be an additional advantage for the change seekers like IK. But if he doesn’t come back the whole burden of bringing change will squarely lie on IK. One day IK will have to come on streets if he wants a real change. This system has to be demolished from top to bottom, otherwise there is no chance of any improvement. Just take example of PTI government in KPK. Do you believe that this corrupt system will let PTI make KPK an exemplary province? Not at all. So far the federal government is entangled in many other serious issues. Let them be free from that and you will see how many hurdles are created in the way of KPK government.

The writer can be reached at akhterhayatmalik@yahoo.com

What Position Should Imran Khan Take on War On Terror Now

By Akhtar Malik
27 June 2013
US-Drone-attacks-on-PakistanThe factor of ‘coming out of war of America’ is vital and very basic condition, but it is not the only factor contributing to terrorism in our country. There are factors like religious extremism, foreign funding to our banned outfits, harboring of out terrorists by international players, politicization of police/investigative institutions and a very poor/outdated/time consuming judicial system which are seriously hampering our efforts to eliminate terrorism. PTI will have to address all these factors in order to achieve success in this field.
Should we abandon the ‘rhetoric’ of coming out of war of America? Partially yes and partially no. It may be noted that Obama had declared last year on the eve of his election as President that ‘the decade of war on terror has come to an end’. Pakistan should have been shrewd enough to declare an end to this war also, but we didn’t. Now the situation is; America is preparing to pull out from Afghanistan and is all set to negotiate with Taliban, who were so far being considered as arch enemies. Pakistan has not yet been able to decide whether to have dialogue or not and if yes, then with whom? Is TTP ready for dialogue? Is TTP the only outfit to have dialogue with, and what about other organizations like Lashkar e Jhangvi, who are equally responsible to play havoc with our lives? How and where the dialogue will take place? What will be agenda? And most important factor- what will be course of action left for Pakistan in case the dialogue fails? The question of stopping the NATO supply is also meaningless at this stage.
Another aspect which most of the analysts tend to overlook is the possibility of continuation of drone attacks even beyond 2014! The US will be leaving a skeleton force in Afghanistan on the plea of training etc and the same is true for the presence / operation of CIA agent like Black-water, in Pakistan. So if the Pakistan govt doesn’t formally announce a farewell to ‘American war’ within next one year, I am afraid that drone attacks will continue as usual even after the exit of US / NATO forces.
The composition of future govt in Afghanistan is very important for us because all our efforts to control terrorism will hinge on that govt. The new, future Afghan govt must cooperate with us in terms of cutting off all kind of support to terrorist groups, failing which we will not see any peace and prosperity in Pakistan. We should also reciprocate in similar manner by disarming all sorts of militant groups, whatsoever their missions and names may be, as violence always begets violence and we have already paid heavily for this mistake. The only institutions to carry arms should be the armed forces and law enforcing agencies.
Imran Khan may be advised / briefed on above lines who should demand, as an opposition leader, similar actions from PML-N govt.