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The Message of Karbala is the Ongoing Struggle Between Justice and Cruelty


By Akhtar Malik:15 Nov 2013
hr qaum1An ongoing struggle between the philosophy of “Husseiniyat” and syndrome of “Yazeediyat”.. till the time when humanity in general will come to the conclusion, that “Husseiniyat” is the only way of life that can provide sustainable global peace and security. The struggle between Hussein (AS) and Yazeed is an international phenomenon. It is not restricted to Muslims only. Sooner or later other nations of the world will also realize that the cause for which they are struggling now ie global peace and social justice, the same cause was fought for by Hussein (AS) 14 centuries ago.

It may not be surprising to see in near future those nations owing Hussein  (AS) as their role model. That will be the day when the dawn of peace, tranquility, justice and prosperity will shine on the horizon of this war-torn planet.

The Message of Karbala is the Quranic Way of Life of Action and Dynamism

By Akhtar Malik: 9 Nov 2013
600017_498024886895812_1425983535_nThe Quranic way of life is a life of action and dynamism. Quran condemns a life of isolation, stagnation and solitude. It is only through dynamism that human society progresses and attains its objective of peace and prosperity in this world and eternal blessings in life hereinafter. During the early period of Islam there was no concept of monasteries. Mysticism is an alien concept and infiltrated in Islam at very late stage. It is binding on Muslims to work hard and excel in every field of knowledge, education, research, science, economics, administration, diplomacy and statecraft. Islam is essentially a ‘Deen’ of ‘Amal’ and lays lot of stress on action. Any society that abstains from action and dynamism will eventually die its own death.

Hazrat Imam Hussein (A.S) had inherited a very exalted spiritual position. He is son of Hazrat Ali (A.S) who is ‘Baab ul Ilm’ (the door of knowledge) and Hazar Fatima (R.A) who is the ‘Syeda’ of all women in the world and in ‘Jannah’, and he is grandson of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) whose personality is second to Allah only in this universe. Had he wanted to, he could have made Madina as his spiritual base and the Muslims from the whole world would have pledged their allegiance to him as a Saint. But Hussein (A.S) was aware of the basic teachings of Islam and knew what Islam wants from its followers. He knew that if the Muslim Society of his time was to be purged from the ills, he must rise and stand up against the forces of exploitation and tyranny. He therefore proceeded to Karbala, with a total disregard to safety, comfort of his person and that of his family.

The ‘Yazeedi’ forces of today have made the life of innocent people miserable. They have usurped all the resources and have deprived the poor people from bread, water, health, education, jobs and safety of their lives. Karbala gives us a clear message that if the poor people want to get their basic rights, they must rise and stand up against these tyrannic forces without any fear, as Hussein (A.S) did 14 centuries back. This is the only way to break this lethal inertia that is taking our society to devastation with every passing day.

The Message of Karbala is the Message of Ultimate Sacrifice and Universal Peace

By Akhtar Malik : 7 Nov 2013
karbala1The message of Karbala is the message of ultimate sacrifice and universal peace. Durable peace cannot be ensured without sacrifice. The enemies of peace have many weapons to use against humanity. Apart from aggression, tyranny and killings through blatant use of arms and ammunition, they also use the weapons of wealth, greed, hate, lust for power and exploitation. Man by nature is prone to be influenced and affected by such attractions. This weakness of human nature is very skillfully exploited by the enemies of peace to serve their own interests. Those who fall prey to them are used as tools of war, violence and anarchy in the world.

The only formidable obstacle in the way of enemies of peace is the strength of character of men who confront them. When a person is strong in character he can parry all sorts of invitations to lusts. A man of strong character can never bend and bow before the threats and is always ready to sacrifice even the most precious of his assets.

Hazrat Imam Hussein (A.S) displayed the strength of his character in the battlefield of Karbala. Had he desired so, he could have got the best luxuries of life from the rulers and powerful elite of that time. But he stood firmly on the golden principles of Islam and offered the biggest sacrifice ever in the history of mankind.

Karbala gives a clear message to people, to come out of the shackles of lust for power, wealth, properties, business empires, bank balances and nepotism, if they want a durable peace in human society.