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Unequal Distribution of Wealth in Pakistan

” I don’t know which world the TV channels are showing. The world that I see, is very beautiful and favorable to Pakistan.”
(PM Nawaz Sharif)

1901167_10152031429897879_1626929519_nThis was the statement given by NS during a laptop distribution ceremony this week. No doubt Mr. PM, the world that you see and the real world of the have-not that exists around us (and shown by media) are far apart. Your world is the world of palaces, bullet proof vehicles, thousands of security guards and their world is defined with hunger, poverty, lack of shelter and lack of security. Your world is the world of business empires spread from Dubai, to London and to every nook and corner of the globe, their world is confined to joblessness, diseases, robberies and deaths. Your world has lot of crown princes and princesses who are waiting to take your place, their world sees a bleak and dismal future for their children with no chance of getting even a respectable job on merit.

Yes Mr. NS, both the worlds are hell apart, because you are PM of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and your 180 million subjects are sons of a lesser god. Not surprising at all..

Where Did Anwar Baig Falter

” It seems as if our democratic values are declining day by day. If a leader like Mehmood Khan Achakzai has been fascinated and influenced by the model of Nawaz Shareef and PML-N then what can be expected from other opportunist politicians?”

Akhtar Malik





By Akhtar Malik

7900_383727198395858_1703794330_nPrime Minister Mr. Nawaz Shareef had stated time and again that the treasury is empty so what should we do. Should we pay off the loan installments or should we get rid of the load shedding?

No doubt money makes the mere go. Nothing can be done without having sufficient money in your kitty. But Nawaz Shareef should understand that people of Pakistan have voted him to power for solving their problems and not to listen to the dismays. People already know that the national exchequer has been looted, state institutions have been plundered and the country is heading towards economic disaster. Now they want that the treasury should be filled, institutions should be made functional / profit-earning and their economic / social problems be solved.

There is nothing to worry about the situation. I have a few suggestions for Nawaz Shareef government to replenish the empty treasury. Obviously this has to be done without squeezing the blood of poor people of this nation which they have already given beyond their capacities. The NS government may immediately undertake following measures:

(1)     Put the names of all the looters and plunderers of the previous government on ECL.

(2)    Ask the FBR to put up list of the tax evaders and initiate punitive action against them under the law for recovery of arrears of taxes along with interest.

(3)    Ask the State Bank to put up list of loan defaulters and those who have got their loans waived off. Issue them legal notices to pay back the loans along with interest within one month, otherwise proceedings will be initiated against them for confiscating their property and businesses in the name of the State.

(4)     Pending appointment of an impartial and honest Chairman NAB, the government should form a high-powered judicial commission and task them to probe into the circumstances which led to massive corruption, irregularities and eventual failure of institutions like PIA, OGDC, Pak Steel, Railways, WAPDA etc. Ask the commission to finalize the proceedings within three months which should be followed by punitive / legal action against the culprits.

(5)    Request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to kindly expedite / finalize the corruption cases pending with them and give their verdict / decisions.

If the a/m suggestions are implemented I can assure NS that the treasury will be recouped within few months, the begging bowl will be broken forever and country will get rid of the exploitation at the hands of institutions like IMF, World Bank permanently. The best part will be that 180- million nation will stand firmly behind Nawaz Shareef, giving him immense moral and political strength. His name will be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan as a ruler, who carried out true accountability of the corrupt- a dream which the people of Pakistan yearn to see materializing and a promise which NS had himself made with the people before elections. We wish you best of luck Nawaz Shareef, just muster the courage and do something marvel for your nation.

The author can be reached at akhterhayatmalik@yahoo.com

What Do People Of Pakistan Are Expecting From Nawaz Shareef

By Akhtar Malik

971819_345402445589245_658902099_nMian Nawaz Shareef contested the elections on the slogan of making ‘Naya Pakistan’. He also vowed to bring revolution and not mere change ( tabdili nahi inqilab laen ge). He has obtained a comfortable majority in center, 2/3rd majority in Punjab and is able to form coalition government in Baluchistan. After 1997, NS has once again been placed in a position that he can change the destiny of Pakistan within months, if he intends to. He is lucky to have a compliant Army Chief, who has no intentions of derailing the democracy. He has a considerate Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, and will have an opposition leader from PPP who will not be hostile. MQM and JUI-F have already shown their unconditional support for NS. Chairman NAB has been removed from office by the Supreme Court, who was appointed by PPP to serve their own interests. What else is needed then? Only political will, honesty of purpose and courage!!

Given this scenario, I have framed a small questionnaire. If only 50% of these questions are answered in affirmative, the ruling party will be deemed to have passed the onerous test of governing this country. If they fail to deliver, people of Pakistan will be justified in casting their doubts on the genuineness of their heavy mandate.

1. Fighting Corruption. Will the NS government appoint Chairman NAB who is totally independent, impartial and capable of opening cases against the sitting government also?

2. Will the government carry out accountability of PPP’s previous government and their cronies who have plundered the national exchequer and institutions beyond limits?

3. Will the government bring back the wealth looted by Zardari and kept in Swiss bank accounts?

4. Law & Order in Karachi. Will the government implement SC verdicts on Karachi and eliminate the armed wings of political parties, like MQM, ANP, PPP (People’s Aman Committee) and other outfits?

5. Will the government de-politicize police in Karachi in particular and in Pakistan in general and make them capable of apprehending even the persons from ruling elite, if need be?

6. If the PPP government fails to improve law & order in Sindh and Karachi within a specific period of time, will the NS government impose Governor’s Rule there and take stern action?

7. Local Government System. Will the government conduct local government elections within stipulated time as promised?

8. Will the power, both financial and administrative, be devolved to grass root level?

9. Will the unconstitutional practice of allocating development funds to parliamentarians be stopped and instead given to local governments / concerned departments?

10. Will the judicial reforms be made to eliminate delays in deciding criminal cases? Will the justice be served on doorsteps to the victims?

11. Will the meaningful land reforms be implemented to eliminate feudalism?

12. Will tax on agriculture be imposed by the government?

13. Will the big fish and tax evaders brought within tax net? Will the national exchequer be filled without imposing new / crushing taxes on the poor people?

14. Will electricity load shedding be reduced gradually and visibly and ultimately abolished?

15. Will the government stop electricity theft being carried out in Karachi by ‘Kunda Mafia’ and elsewhere?

16. Will Thar Coal Project be revitalized to show meaningful results in stipulated period of time by refusing to budge before pressures of international mafia?

17. Will oil & gas exploration be carried out to make up the deficiency of natural gas?

18. Will the ruling elite bring home their overseas assets and businesses in order to set precedence for other investors (both Pakistanis and foreigner) to follow suit?

19. Will the government break the begging bowl once and for all by generating income from indigenous resources and overseas Pakistanis?

20. Will the government refrain from giving extensions in service to their favorite key personnel like Chief of Army Staff, Chief Justice Supreme Court etc?

21. Will Nawaz Shareef avoid giving lucrative appointments to his family members and close friends in order to discourage the menace of nepotism?

22. Will the government show its resolve on foreign policy matters like drone attacks, Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline, Gawadar Seaport, Kashmir dispute, foreign funding of our sectarian outfits, foreign interference in our domestic affairs, foreign shelters being provided to our wanted terrorists from Karachi, Baluchistan and other parts of the country?

I am sure the people of Pakistan will be anxiously waiting for the answers to these questions which are genuine, unbiased and practicable.

Akhtar Malik




How Nawaz Shareef Will Address Important Policy Matters

An Open Letter from a Citizen, to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef, the Prime Minister of Pakistan in Making

My Dear Mian Nawaz Shareef,

nawaz_sharif_pakistan_government_may_13_2013People of Pakistan have given you a clear mandate for the third and probably the last time to rule this country. If we overlook the factor of rigging in elections on massive scale for the time being (which is a separate subject for discussion) we can conclude that collective wisdom of the masses, particularly of the Punjab, has decided to test your abilities to solve the acute and serious crisis through which Pakistan is passing. The collective wisdom has taken into account your past experience of governance, your expertise in business management and your rapport with international community, while putting the crown on your head, and justifiably expects that these advantages should be utilized to change the destiny of this nation. It has also given you clear majority in National Assembly so that excuse of any blackmailing or bargaining attached with a hung parliament is eliminated.

The challenges faced by Pakistan can be broadly divided in two categories; one having internal dimension and others having external dimension. I shall here dwell on only those issues which relate to the external front. If you pass the test in dealing which external challenges you would win about 80 % of the battle. The problems on internal front would just require your political will and honesty of purpose.

1. Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline

Please do not back out on Pak-Iran gas Pipeline Agreement. As an expert on economy you know better than anyone else how much importance this project carries for our betterment. Since it involves fostering closer relations with Iran, the agreement will not be digested easily by the west and the US and even by some of our friends in the Middle East. Once we believe that we should have good bilateral relations with all our neighbors including India, then why exclude Iran? Apart from diplomatic pressures from outside, your advisers will come up with many excuses like shortage of funds for this project. Please stand against all odds with resolve and do not budge. I know you can arrange funds for this. Where there is will there is way.

2. Gawadar Port Operation

Please carry forward the policy on Gawadar Port to be operated by Chinese company. The PPP govt had reluctantly signed the agreement with China in their last days in power as they were also under lot of foreign pressure not to sign it. We are already surrounded by forces that are bent upon damaging Pakistan including seceding Baluchistan from us. The presence of China in this region is the only option that can effectively counter this threat and ensure our security. The economic development that will follow this arrangement will go a long way to make Pakistan an Asian Tiger as you have already promised. Everybody knows that presence of Chinese influence in this area will not be acceptable to many countries including the US and India, but you have to put the interests of Pakistan above anything else. So please be careful. If you scum to the foreign pressure and retract from this agreement, you will be unfortunately seen as the tool of foreign vested interests, who have brought you in power to serve their purpose.

3. Foreign Funding of Sectarian Outfits

Please stop the sources of foreign funding to our sectarian religious parties. The news are in circulation that many of our friendly countries in the Middle East are providing huge funds to our religious outfits, some of them defunct, to support their activities. The authenticity of this can be confirmed by your intelligence agencies. If it is true then this is a major factor that is boosting extremism and terrorism in our country. You are expected to use your good offices with our friendly countries and stop the influx of such funds. All such funds, if they are required for welfare projects, should be funneled through government. Our friendly and brotherly Muslim countries should not make our soil as battle ground for religious extremists.

4. The End of ‘War on Terror’

Please note that the war on terror has already come to an end. The US President had already announced an end to the decade of ‘war on terror’ last year. I do not know why Pakistan was so reluctant to announce the same. Please tell the world community that we have now entered the phase of peacemaking, rehabilitation and reconstruction. This requires an active role of Pakistan to stabilize situation in Afghanistan. Any shortcut or ad-hoc measures are likely to create problems as of late 1980’s. Though the foreign powers have their own agenda but please try to convince them that if they want a stable region after the pullout of NATO, the best security arrangement can be achieved by involving Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia.

5. Relations with India

And lastly, please be careful while taking extraordinary peace initiatives with India. Everybody desires good relations with our arch rival, but it has to be reciprocal. Take into account their inner intentions and the bargain must be on ‘give and take’. Kashmir dispute should remain cornerstone in our foreign policy and our moral and diplomatic support to the cause of Kashmiri people for self-determination should visibly continue. In any of your initiatives on bilateral relations with India you must take on-board all the stakeholders, including Army, otherwise you are liable to face another Kargil-like embarrassment. While giving any concession to India in terms of, say trade, keep in mind what all they are ready to yield to Pakistan.

Dear Nawaz Shareef, the nation is looking forward to your actions and deeds very eagerly and your govt will be kept under constant focus by the people of Pakistan, so please fasten your belt right now.