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By Akhtar Malik 21 Nov 2013

2013-Nawaz-Sharif-5A US drone attack on a madrissa in Hangu area that killed 6 persons has created a shock wave across the whole country. This is because the US has widened their domain of international terrorism to settled areas and people feel that now no city of Pakistan is virtually safe from drones. This has happened because of apathy of the govt who is as mum as usual on this serious issue also. Is the govt now waiting for drones to attack people in Kohat, Peshawar and then Islamabad?

American war on terror was brought in Pakistan during Pervez Musharaf era. It was nurtured and made more lethal during Zardari-led PPP govt and now PML-N govt is not seen in a position to take any stance that could rescue the country from perpetual disaster. The main reason for this apathy is that the present setup has been brought to power with a ‘stolen ‘mandate’ to achieve specific objectives by international players. The US has rightly selected the most coward, the most spineless and the most timid ruler in the history of Pakistan to extend their drone attacks beyond tribal areas. They fully know that the NS govt will never take a slightest step against them because of obvious reasons. Had the elections been conducted in fair and free manner, the genuine leadership would have taken pragmatic steps, and by now the US would have been compelled to revisit their drone policy.

indexThis is not a good omen for NS govt. Coupled with unprecedented price hike, ever-depleting economy, an uncontrollable inflation and deteriorating law and order situation, the danger bells for the govt have started ringing much earlier than expected. If the NS govt is unable to retrieve the situation by taking drastic and revolutionary steps, I am afraid the govt may not survive by the end of next year. In case NS feels that he is genuinely incapable of retrieving the situation on any pretext, then instead of waiting for chaos and anarchy to knock at the door, he should better admit his failure in public and resign. There is no point in clinging to power at the peril of the country. But in all my sincerity, I want to see NS and his govt survive with dignity and success.


By Akhtar Malik 8 Sept 2013
1069272_572455256135137_1442007200_nEvery body is free to have love affair with a person one likes, but it should not be at the cost of national interests. Zardari and NS are at liberty to enter into family friendship, marriage relationships, business partnerships etc but it should be done within the parameters of their private social lives. If so, we will not have even an iota of objection. But when politics is mixed with personal interests the result is always a devastation for the country and nation. Closing one’s eyes and turning a deaf ear to the corrupt practices and bad deeds of the other, tantamount to becoming a party to those misdeeds.

We have been saying time and again that all the political parties of status quo are the custodians and protectors of the existing corrupt and inept system. No improvement or innovation of any sort is expected from these parties. Time is proving the correctness of our stance with every passing day.

Akhtar Malik