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Are Many TV Anchors and Journalists in Pakistani Media Corrupt

By Akhtar Malik

21 July 2013

imagesThe news are in circulation that many of our media persons are on the payroll of foreign powers. They have been tasked to tarnish the image of Pakistan Army and negate the ideology of Pakistan.

There can be no written proof of such payments to these journalists which are aimed at purchasing their conscious. One has to see their actions and listen to their words very critically. These people are so subtle in their way of action that a common person may not notice any abnormality in their conduct. One has to read in between the lines to get the truth. The way they target our national interests and embarrass our patriotic ambitions is really “Fantastic”. American President Obama had declared in public that the US government has kept $ 400 million for Pakistani media. It is absurd to think that this amount will be paid to anchors / journalist who are promoting ideology of Pakistan and Islam.

It may take years for someone to understand the methodology of the paid and sold out media persons. They will never come out openly against our national interest because if they do so they will be exposed and neutralized. So far no action has been taken against these people in Pakistan. There are two main reasons for this. One, that so far we have been ruled by people who are themselves slaves of foreign powers, so they will not harm the interests of their masters. Two, our internal accountability system, like judiciary, is not geared to dispense justice in the national interest. When our Chief Justice sets free the terrorist guilty of carrying out lethal attack on GHQ, on the plea that ‘the evidence against the terrorists was gathered by the investigators and did not come to us from impartial sources’, how can someone ¬†expect him that he will punish traitors in media? Supreme Court is not ready to even make public the Media Commission Report that contains lot of material against corrupt media. The national institutions like ISI have lot of information on these people. But these institutions may be reluctant to take this issue in the courts for the reasons as mentioned above.

The best remedy available so far is the social media and public pressure / protest against such traitors in our media. Once these criminals are exposed properly they will lose their moral ground to operate against the national interests of Pakistan.

the writer can be reached at akhterhayatmalik@yahoo.com