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Over the past one week MQM chief Altaf Hussein has started suggesting that Pakistan should have 20 new and smaller provinces and that Sindh should also have more provinces. Earlier MQM had a stance that they do not want division of Sindh which they still maintain.

MQM is scared of rising popularity of PTI particularly in Sindh. This is the most serious political challenge that MQM is facing in urban Sindh, particularly in Karachi in its history. PTI has successfully penetrated those areas which were earlier considered as MQM stronghold and were virtually ‘no go areas’ for other parties. If fair & free elections are the results will be a total surprise and devastation for MQM. MQM is perturbed as its politics of gun has totally failed to deter the citizens of Karachi from joining and supporting PTI.

In order to neutralize PTI and diminish its popularity in Sindh MQM has played its trump card– the division of Sindh. MQM thinks that if PTI supports making of more provinces it will lose its support in rural Sindh and if it opposes the new provinces it will lose lose support in urban Sindh and Karachi. Someone asked Dr. Arif Alvi of PTI about this proposal of MQM to which he said, ‘ Make more smaller provinces in rest of Pakistan and leave Sindh for the time being, as it is a sensitive issue there”. Making this statement of PTI leader as an excuse MQM members staged a walkout from Assembly and have announced to stage a dharna at Teen Talwar Clifton Karachi on 21 Sept.

It is interesting to note that MQM is not protesting against PPP who always opposes the division of Sindh aggressively. MQM is not protesting against Noon league who do not have any plan for making more provinces anywhere not at all in Sindh. MQM is protesting against PTI who is not in power either in Sindh or in Center. They are protesting against just one casual statement of one of its leader which cannot be even termed as policy statement of the party. The sinister designs of MQM are very obvious to any neutral observer, particularly when Imran Khan is going to address a jalsa in Karachi on 22 Sept.

I expect PTI leadership to neutralize this conspiracy of MQM by making a clear policy statement on this sensitive issue. PTI should announce that they are not against making of new provinces in Sindh but it should be left to the people of Sindh to decide. PTI should also ask PPP (being rep of rural Sindh) and MQM (being rep of urban Sindh) to sit together, discuss the matter and form a joint commission that would decide about the number of newly proposed provinces and other related details. Once both the parties arrive at a conclusion PTI will have no reservation to support the plan.

If MQM is really serious (which I doubt it is as the past history of the party reveals) then the issue will be resolved without creating any ethnic and linguistic confrontation in the province. If MQM has floated this proposal just as a tool to trap PTI, it will be neutralized well and proper.

Written by   Akhtar Malik  on 20 Sept 2014

Public Protest of PTI against Election Rigging Reaches Sialkot


10360396_752629251446164_2188731450328949406_nWith every successive jalsa of PTI the zeal, enthusiasm and vigor of the people is increasing. Those who thought that people will forget about election rigging as a thing of the past, should open their eyes and see reality on ground. There is s general awareness among the masses that without fair & free elections a true democracy is not possible, and without true democracy a nation cannot progress. People are no more satisfied with the spate of so-called development works of the Noon govt like metro buses and metro trains. People want their life, property and honor to be protected. They are an eye witness to the gruesome condition of lawlessness in Punjab and how Punjab police is playing havoc with the lives of poor people. People are feeling that unless the curse of two-family political system is replaced with true democracy, their plight will see no positive change.

10418252_752629218112834_5977185936771168993_nPeople are getting astonished to know the blatant and sophisticated methods being applied by the authorities to hijack their mandate. With every constituency that is being opened / scrutinized the mind boggling methods of rigging are surfacing, thereby casting deep doubts on the legitimacy of the sitting rulers. But unfortunately the govt is turning a blind eye towards these facts, on the hope that public protest of PTI will fizzle out soon. Sadly for them the realities on ground are quite contrary to their expectations.

Akhtar Malik

Will PML-N Government Meet Demands of PTI for Electoral Reforms

By Akhtar Malik: 14 May 2014


10352404_734904693218620_6670531834815141976_nIK has given a workable charter of demand to govt. It is all democratic and has the support of almost all political parties. Good omen is that IK wants reforms while staying as part of the system. This is a golden opportunity for the Noon govt to take initiative and fulfill these demands.

So far Noon govt has not shown any inclination to take these demands seriously and is seen to while away time. The ministers are still attacking IK and his rallies. Ego and expediencies should not be allowed to create hurdles. Any apathy on the part of Noon govt will give an impression to the people that solution of problems is not possible in a democratic dispensation. This will be


By Akhtar Malik

19 June 2013

179121_29651116Yesterday a very tragic incident took place in Mardan KPK, where 29 people have been killed and over 60 wounded in a suicide bomb blast. A PTI MPA Imran Mohmand was also one among the killed. The suicide bomber blew himself in Namaz e Janaza of a petrol pump owner who was murdered a day ago.

This is not the first incident of its kind. The terrorists have targeted a large number of funeral processions/ namaz e janaza in the past, particularly in KPK andTribal areas. As a matter of fact any kind of gathering like Jumma paryers, Eid prayers, funeral processions, namaz e janaza and peace jirga have always been a lucrative and easy target for a suicide bomber. A bomb explosion in such places invariably results in colossal loss of innocent lives.

It is agreed that stopping a suicide bomber is a very difficult task- almost next to impossible. But with little care and effort the damage can be minimized. Though you cannot stop the bomber from operating his explosive device but you can force him to blow himself up away from the intended target, thus minimizing the damage.

It is pity that through a decade of suicide bombings, our people have not been able to adapt to this lethal threat. Though the local security arrangements are made in Masjids for Jumma or Eid prayers, Namaz e Janaza is generally left open for any intruder to join and blast himself. The issue concerns the community equally as it concerns the government. The community should develop a sense of self security and take all measures as are applicable.

The huge gatherings like peace jirgas, should be avoided as far as possible. When unavoidable these should be staggered and kept small.

Namaz e Janaza is always a planned activity. The time and place is announced beforehand. It should be handled like any public meeting or ‘Jalsa’. The coordinators should therefore control the entry of people through specified gates, where the guards should physically check all the persons.

I hope KPK government in particular and public in general will learn to live with this menace by becoming more security conscious, till the time the country is able to bailout from the ‘war on terror’.

Politics of Violence in Karachi and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf

By Akhtar Malik

17 April 2013

karachi_violenceThe political party that introduced the culture of violence in Pakistan was probably Jamat e Islami. With its baton – carrying (Danad bardar) youth Jamat e Islami would raid any social gathering like new year festival or a fashion show that was perceived to be ‘un-Islamic’ by them. The baton was probably not that lethal a weapon when compared with the Kalashnikov, which was introduced in the politics by MQM which stated taking routes in Karachi in 1985. There is no doubt that MQM was the pioneer of politics of violence in Karachi. All the political parties in Karachi now have a militant wing of their own. It is sad that these parties still deny it, despite of the fact that Supreme Court has also given their verdict on this issue. When the representatives of these parties come in the talk shows on media, they claim that they do not harbor any terrorist and that any operation against the terrorists should be carried out across the board. But when the criminals related to any political party are arrested the same leaders then put pressure on the government from behind the curtains, to get their criminals released.

This is what has been happening in Karachi for the past two decades. Whenever the activities of any group, particularly the MQM, would go beyond limits, the establishment of those times, in collaboration with the sitting political government, would start a cleanup operation in the city. This happened in 1992 and 1995. Military operation is never an appropriate solution to the actual problem. As a result MQM always staged a successful comeback through elections, declaring their party as an innocent and a victim of the state coercion. There is no denying the fact that political problems always need political solutions. Use of force is just a temporary and short term measure.

This government of PPP from 2008 to 2013 did not have the courage and political will to cleanse Karachi from the terrorists just because it depended heavily on the support of MQM. Without MQM the government of PPP would have collapsed in Islamabad. This was the bitter fruit of their notorious policy of reconciliation. As a result the Supreme Court had to take Suo Moto notice but the decision of the Court to disarm the militant wings of political parties and to finish ‘no -go’ areas, were never implemented by the government. Even now the caretaker government is just passing its time and is not serious on enforcing the writ of the state and rule of law.

The policies of violence, coercion and blackmail adopted by MQM, ANP and PPP have been well exposed before the public. With unfolding of the current events, even the supporters of MQM in Karachi and urban Sindh have been baffled. The political parties formed on the basis of race, language and sect always try to keep their vote bank intact through the barrel of the gun and by inculcating fear of being eliminated by other rival groups. The citizens of Karachi are not finding any way out to liberate themselves from the cruel clutches of these racial and linguist groups. As and when they are able to find any alternative with the assurance of protection of their lives, they will not hesitate to change their loyalties in favor a national level party.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leadership has done an excellent job to adopt a policy of nonviolence. This policy though a slow-moving and enduring one, is showing its results. Apart from the general public even the media persons, journalists, human rights activists and the civil society campaigners are now all out to appreciate the party for its serenity, resilience, persistence and fortitude. These are the virtues that are hardly visible in any political party. These are the qualities that are going to further attract the masses. Some hawks in PTI may be impulsive to do something matching with the mood of the people and political culture in the country but the party is successfully towing its line of nonviolence. The mammoth Jalsa of 25 December 2011 in Karachi marked an important milestone in the political progression of PTI. The party was thus seen as a good substitute for MQM, ANP and PPP in Karachi, who had given nothing to this metropolis except for terrorism, target killings, kidnapping for ransom, ‘Bhatta Khori’ and land mafias. If the people of Karachi want to change their life and destiny for the better there is no other option than to refrain from casting their votes in favor of MQM, ANP and PPP. Obviously PTI is the only suitable choice for the people of Karachi. If they are tempted to vote for PML-N as alternative to PPP, they are going to repent it soon. PML-N after coming to power will again form an alliance with MQM exactly as PP did in order to ‘facilitate’ their governance. The results will not be different from what happened during 2008-13.

(The author can be reached at akhterhayatmalik@yahoo.com)