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اے غور و فکر کرنے والو! اور قصاص میں ہی تمہارے لیےُ زندگی ہے، تاکہ تم متقی بن جاوُ.. (القران)

10386838_270069753195738_244286283537329206_nIt is a principle of law and justice that a criminal can neither become an investigator nor can he act as a judge. After committing a blatant crime of murdering 14 persons including women, injuring 90 persons, terrorizing the whole locality and peaceful community of Minhaj ul Quran and ransacking the Masjid / residence of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri through its police and goons, the Punjab Govt is trying to cover up and justify its cruelty. The police inquiry committees include those police officers who actually carried out the offense. One-member Commission of LHC will never be able to find out facts as all the details being brought before the commission will be fabricated and tempered. There are news that police is being used to pressurize the medical authorities of General Hospital to alter the medical reports to suit the requirement of police and the govt. The official FIR lodged by the govt/police indicts 3000 members of Minhaj ul Quran /PAT and none from the police or administration. All this will be an eyewash and drama to cover the crimes

Why Justice is not possible under present setup?

Under these circumstances it is impossible for the victim party to get any sort of remedy or justice. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri had done well to reject the judicial commission formed by the govt. PTI, PML-Q and MQM have also supported the stance of PAT and have demanded an immediate resignation of Shahbaz Sharif as CM of Punjab. IK has demanded that Rana Sanaullah should be arrested and put in jail.

Unless the killers are sitting on the power seat there is no possibility of justice. No inquiry commission can work independently and impartially in the presence of CM / Interior Minister who themselves had ordered police to open fire on the peaceful members of PAT. TuQ has given the statement that an FIR of murders will be lodged that will include names of Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah and other ministers/ police officers. But he said that even this FIR cannot be registered till the time SS is in power. He said that PAT wants ‘Qisas’ according to Islamic law for their killed ones, and no other compensation/ reconciliation will be acceptable

How ‘Qisas’ can be Taken?

It is obvious that ‘Qisas’ ( life for a life and organ for an organ) can materialize after revolution. When the present set up will be replaced with a revolutionary council of the people of Pakistan it will set up an independent inquiry commission. In the light of that inquiry report an impartial court will carry out hearing of the case and after satisfying itself with all the available evidences, will sentence the killers to death under the Islamic law. The revolutionary govt will be so authoritative that no powerful group or mafia will be able to influence the investigative process or the witnesses or coerce the victim family for a compromise.

Allah (SWT) has commanded in the Holy Quran that “o you wise and thinking people, there is life in ‘Qisas’ for you, so that you become fearful (of Allah) .” Without enforcing the concept of Qisas there can be no peace in our society.

Akhtar Malik