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Latest-Pakistan-army-SSG-commando-wallpaper-and-pictureIn a meeting NS requested Army Chief Gen Raheel to play his role in resolving the political crisis, to which the later acceded. As per Dawn newspaper NS appointed Gen Raheel as the arbitrator between the protestors (PTI/PAT) and the Govt. IK & TuQ had a lengthy meeting with COAS on night 28-29 Aug and both leaders seem to be satisfied as far as the meeting is concerned.

Though it is a welcome progress that kindles a light of hope to diffuse the tension and normalize the life, but I wish the politicians could have resolved their issues by themselves without inviting Army. It is a matter of shame for Noon govt that enjoys about 2/3 majority in NA and claims to have a support of 11 out of 12 parties in the parliament. Once again our politicians have proved that they are incapable of resolving even their trivial issues.

Though the political parties had shown resolve to support NS and had told him to stand-fast and do not resign, they did not even once asked the govt to register FIR of Model Town massacre or didn’t ask NS that OK Mr. PM we have supported you and your govt but you must also show flexibility with protestors, as your mandate has already become dubious. I am sure NS has not taken them in to confidence while making Army Chief as arbitrator. I don’t know how will NS show his face to them and will he address the parliament now. I can say it with confidence that failure of politicians, particularly the Govt, to resolve the crisis at their own, have made the political paradigm much weaker than before.

Another point of concern is that supporters of Noon have started bashing and criticizing the Army on its present role to resolve crisis. I ask the critics what wrong on God’s earth has the Army done? Have they imposed martial law? Have they toppled the NS govt? Have they asked for resignation of NS on gun point? Or have they intervened against the wishes of the Govt? Obviously not. Noon supporters should rather be happy that at least the democracy is safe and has not been derailed. Then it is just a matter of arbitration. If Noon thinks that they have committed a mistake to make this arrangement they can always say goodby to it. Arbitration is effective only when all the parties agree to it. After the meeting with CAOS, both the leaders, IK & TuQ have made it clear that nothing short of resignation of NS and SS will be acceptable, otherwise Dharnas will continue. Same line can be adopted by Noon if they think they are being aggrieved.

Written by   Akhtar Malik  on 29 August 2014