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The Enemy of Muslims is Changing Tactics to Create Rift Between Sunni and Shia

By Akhtar Malik: 16 Nov 2013

mosque put on fite pindiThe tragedy of Rawalpindi on 10the Muharram (15 Nov 2013) has left no doubt in our minds that the enemy has now opted to change his tactics. Earlier the enemy was focusing on bomb blast on the Ashura processions, Imam Bargahs and religious leaders. The enemy agents carried out suicide bomb attacks on Hazara Town residents in Quetta a number of times, they bombed Muharram processions in various cities including Karachi and Rawalpindi and they had target-killed members of Shia sects while on the move in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan. They tried their best to spark Shia-Sunni riotsts in the country but failed. This is because the Muslims and their top religious leaders well understood the plot behind these terrorist attacks and did not react.

But the way Rawalpindi carnage was conducted speaks clearly about the intentions of terrorists. How the Ashura procession was planned to pass through a specific point at a specific time, how some persons fired close to procession, how some persons from the procession snatched the weapons from police including the Elite one and after using those weapons they returned the same to police, how 100 shops in Madina Market were mysteriously set on fire and how the Fire Brigade and Rescue teams were blocked to contain the situation, indicate that the terrorists are changing their tactics. They were able to create confusion in the public. Soon the riots spread in other parts of the city, and the next day they engulfed Chishtiyan, Haroonabad, Bahawalnagr and Multan. The Army was called in to handle the situation. The emotions are high and the unrest is likely to spread to other parts of the country as well.

……And this is what exactly the enemy wanted…!!! Create confusion / rift, divide the nation and destroy the country. After doing it in Iraq, Libya and Syria, they are now bent upon completing their agenda in Pakistan.

The need of time is that Ulema from all sects and the public in general should understand the changing tactics of our enemy, show tolerance / magnanimity and foil the nefarious designs of the enemy as they have done in the past. The government should deal the terrorists and conspirators with iron hand and no leniency should be showed in this regard.