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The Message of Karbala is the Ongoing Struggle Between Justice and Cruelty


By Akhtar Malik:15 Nov 2013
hr qaum1An ongoing struggle between the philosophy of “Husseiniyat” and syndrome of “Yazeediyat”.. till the time when humanity in general will come to the conclusion, that “Husseiniyat” is the only way of life that can provide sustainable global peace and security. The struggle between Hussein (AS) and Yazeed is an international phenomenon. It is not restricted to Muslims only. Sooner or later other nations of the world will also realize that the cause for which they are struggling now ie global peace and social justice, the same cause was fought for by Hussein (AS) 14 centuries ago.

It may not be surprising to see in near future those nations owing Hussein  (AS) as their role model. That will be the day when the dawn of peace, tranquility, justice and prosperity will shine on the horizon of this war-torn planet.